Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Growing Thankfulness

Dear Ian,

This year is just zipping by, and we find ourselves eight days from Thanksgiving.  To help you get in the spirit of the season, we have again created our Thankful Tree.  Every day, we add a leaf to the tree on which we write something for which we are thankful.  A lot of your thankful items are typical of a four-year-old boy; you are very thankful for your toys and such.  But then some are really sweet, like the leaf when you said you were thankful for your Mommy and Daddy.  Then there are the funny ones; you are thankful for Massey-Ferguson tractors, Papa's tractors, and things like that.

Regardless of whether your answers are funny or serious, you are beginning to understand that there is so much for which we can be thankful.  We are quite fortunate, and when you see the number of leaves "growing" on our tree, you start to grasp just how lucky we are. 

I love to see your appreciation grow, and I look forward to your leaf responses every morning.  And our tree provides some great Thanksgiving decorations, too! 

I am so thankful for you and for your Daddy.  I am one lucky Mommy!

Love you much, Bear!

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