Thursday, November 7, 2013

Birthday Bash, Part Two

Dear Ian,

After that last post about all the cool stuff we did for your birthday trip, you'd think that would be enough, right?  Well, actually, after all that, we still had an awesome tractor themed fourth birthday party for you.  For the fourth straight year, we were lucky enough with the weather to have a perfect day for an outdoor party.  You had a ton of friends come, and we played in the hay, rode on a hay ride and fed the animals.  It was just about as perfect as you could want.  And yes, as always, I took a ton and a half photos. 

Friends that attended were:  Spencer, Ella, Jonathan, Libby, Finn, Ben, Julia, Graham, Chase, Tyler, Payton, Taylor, Issa, Lydia and Lorelei.  Your baby sitters Ms. Kallie and Ms. Halie also came, as well as Uncle Ryan, Aunt Andrea, Uncle Gary, Aunt Megan, Grandpa Brooks, Grandma and Papa Davis and all the moms and dads of your friends.  You had a great turn it.  It was a great day!

 We held your party at Grandma and Papa's house, which was super convenient with all that space and all those tractors.
 The Baum Ridge sign with John Deere balloons.
And the Power King got all dressed up, too!
 Papa's new tractor crossing sign.  Got here just in time for your party, too.
 Your annual birthday banner and the food table.
 I love how this year's banner turned out.
 Tractors and corn.  And balloons.  I had a blast decorating for this party.
 Party favors and presents.
 I took apart a bale of hay and hid candy, bubbles and stickers in it.  You and your friends had fun digging in the hay for prizes.
A fleet of tractors to play with.
Ready for the guests!

Our driveway. I remember when Papa planted those trees.
 You and Papa on the 40 by his new sign.

 Party favors, and your awesome birthday portrait, courtesy of Ms. Dina.
 John Deere cups for party favors.
 Food!  Hay bales :)
 and tractor tires.
Every farm worth its salt has a veggie garden and fruit stand.
 You in front of the food table and with your banner.
 Some of your friends and their parents on a hay ride.
Hay riding! 
 More friends, and more hay riding!
Papa did a great job with the hay rides!
 Some of your friends and you and I and Daddy opening a present.
 Opening a present.
Friends having fun.
You and your cousin Taylor riding on a trike.
 Friends looking for prizes in the hay.
 More friends in the hay.
 So much fun!
 You and Payton.
Play dough party favors. You and I made the play dough.
 You and your birthday cookie cake.  They did a great job on your tractor!
Singing happy birthday! 
This has to be one of my favorite pictures of the day.  We've known these kiddos since birth, and it's been so neat to watch you all grown up.  Now you're all big four year olds.  It's amazing how time has passed so quickly!

Using that photo, I made this:
I love these sweet faces.  

All in all, it was a great day.  And I hope it's a birthday you will remember for always.  I know I will.

Love you so much,

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