Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dear Ian,
Sweet Baby Bear, you have had quite a week. Actually, you have had quite a month or so, but back to this week. You have been a sick little bear as of late, with a fever reaching as high as 105 degrees at one time. Can I just tell you how much this terrified me? You seem to be doing a little better now, and that is a huge relief. We have been to the doctor twice already, had quite a few tests run, and according to all of the findings and what's going on around us in the community, this is apparently just a virus. But it has been icky, and I hope you don't have to go through that ever again, or at least for a long time.

You and I have had lots of snuggle time together this week, and that has been the silver lining to this illness. We have napped on the couch together and snuggled under blankets to watch the Sunny Side Up show with Chica (that's a picture of her there on the right.) Despite the fact that holding you when you were feverish was like snuggling with a space heater, it was what you wanted and needed, and I was more than happy to oblige. Your Daddy was so helpful, too. He brought you water, snuggled you when I needed to do something, and was there for me to vent fever stats to the split second he walked in the door after work.

Like I said, you are starting to feel a little better now, and that's a good thing for lots of reasons. The most obvious one is that I hate to see my boy sick, and I'm thankful that you seem to be on the mend. We're also supposed to be going on a family vacation cruise in two days, and we want you to be completely healthy if we go. We were all looking forward to this adventure, but your health (and Daddy's too, since now he isn't feeling well either) always comes first. I am thankful, also, for the fact that if you are indeed feeling better, then we don't have to call or visit the doctor again for a while. I think they are getting a little tired of hearing from me.

Right now, you are resting peacefully in your bed, and hopefully you are kicking the pants off this virus that had such a hold on you. If not, Mommy and Daddy are right here with Tylenol and love to help you feel better.

Love always,

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