Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow...

Dear Ian,
We have been working together on a "Growing Project." A few weeks ago, we planted seeds for some marigold flowers and some cone flowers. Now, you must understand that we are tempting fate here, because Mommy has the blackest thumb known amongst the land. I killed a lucky bamboo plant. What does that tell you? But, so far, so good, and we've managed to keep them alive, AND they have grown to the point where it was time to re-pot them. So here, in picture, is our growing project...
Freshly planted seeds, and then, Holy Moly! They sprouted!! No one could have been more surprised than me when we saw those little green shoots. It motivated us to get those little buggers to LIVE! So, we have been taking good care of them. You have become quite the professional at watering them; and because of your affinity for watering them, I'm sure this is why they are alive. You point and ask for "wal-dur" every time we go outside. Those plants are lucky they have you.
Soon it became time to replant them, as they had started to grow out of their tiny little pots. So, after our cruise (Grandma and Papa Davis babysat our plants for us while we were gone), we headed out to the farm to pick them up, and Grandma offered us some of her pots so we could replant them. While doing so, you decided to try out the taste of the Miracle Grow soil. I guess you figured if it was good enough for your plants... Anyhoo, the next time we go to the pediatrician and you are in the 90-something-ish percentile for height, I'm showing this photo to Doctor Martin.

Now our little plants have nice, new homes in which to grow, and now they look tiny again surrounded by all that space, but they grow bigger every day. While re potting, we got the bright idea to try to grow other stuff, too, so now we also have a zucchini plant and some baby's breath that we are now attempting to grow. Maybe we'll be having fried zucchini for dinner soon! That would be yummy!

Also in the photo of your little plant collection is the Christmas cactus that Great Poppy gave me this past December. I figured that since I'm trying to keep it alive, it would benefit from your devotion to watering your plants. Thank you for your help, Little Buddy!
I promise to make another post about your plants once they start to blossom. In the meantime, we'll just keep on keepin' on.

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