Monday, March 14, 2011

The Love Boat

Dear Ian,
Whew. We just got back from a family vacation on a cruise ship, and wow, what a trip. We went on the Carnival Dream for a whole week to Belize, Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexio, and to Roatan, Honduras with your Grandma and Grandpa Brooks, Uncles Kurt and Ryan and Aunts Andrea and Stacey. Aunt Andrea's parents came, too, so there was a big group of us.

I must say, Little Man, that for a sixteen month old little dude with limited running around space (Mommy was terrified of you falling off the boat, which would have been a feat), you did extremely well. You had a few moments where I wanted to jump ship, but really, it went amazingly well.

Like I said, we sailed on the Carnival Dream, and it was huge! Our stateroom was number 2284, and we took your pack and play as your bed. That worked out great, and of course we had Warty and Loveys with us. Your first job in the room was to explore EVERY cabinet and drawer. You especially liked the cabinet with the push-button safe in it. Even though I had tried to secure the doors with a rubberband, you could still reach a bit into the cabinet and push the buttons. Oh well.
By far, your favorite part of the cruise was all of the food. Holy moly, it was everywhere. You tried Indian food, the 24 hour pizza place, lobster bisque, ice cream and everything in between. Breakfast was your favorite meal; on average, every morning you ate scrambled eggs, sliced ham, some form of potatoes and fruit. Usually an orange, which I got the priveledge of peeling everyday. But who could refuse the little guy that asked while pointing to oranges, "ball?" To the right is a photo of you eating one of your huge breakfasts.

At the other end of the day was dinner, and these were a little rougher. Normally, your dinners last about 20 minutes, and then we clean up and get ready for tubby time. These dinners started at the right time, but then they lasted about an hour and a half. After your 20 minute window, you had just about enough. It was time for something else. I eventually got smart on night two and remembered Lovey and some books, and that helped, but it was still a bit rough. You ate like a champ, though, and the wait staff was really kind and helpful. They even had your chair and a glass of milk waiting for you every night.

Other fun stuff: You went swimming in the ship pool (which was sort of a no-no, but we did it anyway...), and you got to go to "baby camp" a couple of times. The first time you went you liked it. Time number two, not so much. We got off the ship in Costa Maya and Roatan, and you went swimming at the beach! That was a lot of fun. Playing in the sand was the best!
All in all, it was a great trip, and it was so nice to spend the time together all three of us. Having Daddy around ALL THE TIME was, I think, your very favorite part. You woke up every morning, stood up in your pack and play and said, "Daddy?" So sweet. I cant wait to take another family trip, especially now that you are growing up more and more every day.

Love you lots,

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