Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chicks Dig Scars

Dear Ian,

It is official: you are ALL boy.

At 16 months old, you are all over and into everything, which is typical for your age, but the fact that you are a boy adds a level of daring that I have only witnessed in a few little girls at the same age. For example, one of your new favorite tricks is to somersault off the couch. Forward. You drape your head over the edge until it just touches the floor, and then you flail your legs until you flip completely off the couch. Then you laugh hysterically, climb up and do it all again. Heart attack city for Mommy.

You're also running now, which has presented new challenges. You have that "toddler run," where your arms are at your sides, somewhat behind you, and therefore don't offer you any help when you crash belly first in the yard. But then again, I'm sorta glad about this, because you fall with such a force, I'm not sure you wouldn't have broken wrists. You do most of your running in the yard, for which I am thankful. Simply walking on the concrete patio has already left it's mark. Yup. First major boo-boos. Band-aid-able ones, too. I can't decide if you were more upset about the scraped knees or the fact that I dared to put band-aids on the scrapes. But I HAD to cover them! You first scraped your knee just a little bit, but it seems like every three minutes you were falling and scraping them again, and they were getting worse and worse! I didn't think they would ever heal if I didn't help them out by covering them up this time.

Of course, you wear them like badges of honor and show them to everyone you see. Even the check-out lady at Publix. Silly little boy. So, I am in for it: scrapes, band-aids, dirty hands and feet and a face covered in Popsicle. Like I said: you're all boy, but I honestly can say that seeing you at this rambunctious and somewhat dangerous age makes me smile. You're exploring and growing, and it all will be worthwhile. Even if it takes until you're 20 for your knees to heal.

Hugs and loves,

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