Monday, February 14, 2011

About Your Mother

Hi Ian! This post is being written by your father. Until now I've been staying on top of your mother's posts and reading them when she writes them. She's doing such a good job cataloging things you do and progress you make that it's been hard for me to think of anything to add myself!

Like I said: Until now. Valentine's Day is here so I thought I'd post a message about the woman that I love. Your mother is such an incredible woman that I could easily write an entire book describing how special she is to me, but in the interest of keeping things short (and not making the other readers of this blog roll their eyes *TOO* much) I'll try to give you a brief summary of my viewpont of her as of this moment. Hopefully I can give you a glimpse of how she is seen through your father's eyes.

I've known your mother for a very long time - just over 17 years now. When we first met in highschool met she was a smiling, energetic, proud, noble and unstoppable girl. We didn't date until a few years later, after she told me (quite bluntly) that she liked me. We dated steadiliy through college and a few years afterwards got married. Several years later, we had you!

Your mother is a remarkable woman. She is extremely intelligent (though math isn't her strong suit -- fortunately it is mine!) She is incredibly supportive, helping me to succeed in my work so that our family can prosper. She is also wondrously nurturing, almost to a fault. Oh, and she's still smiling, proud, noble and unstoppable like she was when I first met her. Absolutely everything she does in life -- whether that is helping family, assisting friends, or performing her own work -- she pursues with a passion as if it is her only purpose. It is this last quality that has drawn me to her strongest of all.

These traits carry over into her care for children as well, and are one of the reasons I knew she would be a wonderful mother to you. She has always had an incredible knack with children. Even when we were dating she would quite often diagnose -- accurately -- a child's needs by the "sound" of their cry. As your mother she had you sleeping soundly through the night after only several months. She is constantly providing you with developmental books, puzzles, and toys to help you grow mentally and physically. I have no doubt she'll have you potty-trained soon as well (she has a particularly excellent track record in this area.) She cooks food for you, changes your diapers, rearranges her schedule for you, and always puts you and our family first.

Hopefully one day you will look back on all of this and how you were raised and realize that you couldn't find a better mother anywhere on Earth. Karen really is a special woman, and we're both very blessed to have her touch our lives. I love her with all of my heart, and I hope that one day you will say the words I have told her so many times:

"I love you."

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