Friday, June 1, 2012

Quickie Ian-isms

Dear Ian,

You and I are getting ready to zip off to Cohocton, New York, and I have a TON of packing to do, but I just had to write down a few of your most recent hilarious sayings and moments.  I gotta be quick, so here we go:

Setting:  Mommy runs off to the bathroom for a quick pee break alone.  You come up and bang on the door.
Ian: Mommy, are you in there?!
Mommy: Yes, Bear.  I'm going potty.
Ian:  Really?  What you getting out?
Mommy:  What?!
Ian: *opens the door and comes right on in* What you getting out?  I just got out pee pee.

Sigh.  Thanks for the update, kiddo.  On to the next one, which oddly enough, also has to do with pottying, since that's apparently all that goes on in our house.

Setting:  You come running into the living room after being in the bathroom doing your business.
Ian: Mommy, there's vegetables in my underwear.
Mommy: WHAT?!  (I say this a lot in our conversations)
*Here you proceed to drop your britches in the middle of the living room and show me the Fruit of the Loom label inside your undies.
Ian: See?  Vegetables.  Green grapes, purple grapes and a tomato.

This one made me giggle.  You were so amused by the fact that you were running around with veggies in your pants.  Fruits, to be exact, but hey.  It's healthy foods.

This next conversation I didn't exactly hear.  It came from Miss Kallie, your babysitter, but I can just hear every word coming out of your mouth.

Setting:  You were wearing your St. Patrick's Day shirt (in May, because you felt compelled to wear a green shirt to school that day) that says "I'm a wee bit Irish."
Miss Kallie:  Ian, are you a wee bit Irish?
Ian:  Yes, I am
Miss Kallie:  Is Mommy Irish?
Ian:  No, she's married.

I have no idea what one has to do with the other, but it struck me as funny.

You make me laugh on a daily, no hourly, basis Little Man.  Cant wait to hear what's coming out of your mouth next.

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