Friday, May 25, 2012

Making Memories

Dear Ian,

Today was your last day of school for this year at Advent.  And in Crazy Mom fashion, I went all out trying to capture the memories.  If you can recall from earlier, I posted all about your first day and your first week, and it amazes me that here we are capping off this school year.  It went by pretty dang quick.  So, again, since I am nuts, I set out to record this day in history in the best way I know: photos and blog posts.

After getting dressed and having breakfast, I used an idea from Pinterest and photographed you holding a photograph from your first day of school.  Funny enough, you are wearing the same outfit in the photo that I dressed you in for your first day.  People who know me will most certainly think I did this on purpose, but I am swearing on Scouts and Mommy honor that I did not.  This was complete chance, and absolutely hysterical.  Anyhoo.  Out to the front yard we went to have you pose under our tree (that we call Twig, as it has been the same size for the past six years that we have lived here).  You were a trooper and indulged your crazy mom.  Here's the end result posted next to your first photo as well.

I'm so glad you're actually smiling in the May photo.  That first photo looks like you were about to be dragged off to torture chambers unkown.  Your smile, by the way, completely melts my heart. 

Moving on.  Off we went to school for the last time this school year, and like normal, you had a great day.  We took some little treats to your teachers, and I hope they liked them because they ARE a little corny.  But hey, you used their supplies all year, why not replenish them.  Here's your teacher gifts we passed out:

Crayons and markers for the people that helped make your first school year so "colorful."  Yes, your mom is a nut, but what else could you expect. 

Your teachers also did something sweet for you, and I love them!  From Miss Laura and Miss Jayme, you got a little package of sidewalk chalk, and yes, we've already ripped into it and used them in the driveway. 

From Miss Laura and Miss Jordan, you also got sidewalk chalk, but there's an added tub of purple playdoh, which you love!  It makes my heart smile to see how well your teachers know you.  Your favorite color is purple, and they know it, and it was super cute to see that tub of playdoh in your favorite hue.  Even some of their thank you notes were written on purple cards.  That may have been coincidence, but I honestly think they planned it for you.

 Finally, today was also "Report Card Day" for you.  Miss Laura filled out an end of the year evaluation on you, and as I expected, you rocked it up.  Not much has changed from your mid-year evaluation, and that makes me happy.  And as usual, I'm proud of all of the progress you have made this year.  Here's your report card, recorded in true Mommy style. 
 So, now we're headed on to the Three Year Old class.  Sniff.  You're growing up so fast, and I am so proud of you.  I'm also pretty excited for all the neat things in store for you as you move through the classrooms at Advent.  Just don't do it too fast, okay?

I love you very, very much,
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