Friday, May 25, 2012

Works of Art #32

Since today is the last day of school, this is the last school-art Works of Art post.  Don't you worry small son, I will continue art with you over the summer.  Scissors, painting, playdoh...   oh the opportunities abound!
I love this purple butterfly you did.   It's currently hanging in your bedroom.
And what butterfly doesn't need a flower to land on?!

 Another pretty butterfly, this time in blue.
 Butterflies start as caterpillars!  See a pattern here?  Your class was learning about caterpillars and butterflies.
 Here's a beautiful golden fish you did in art with Miss Lynn.  It is inspired by the golden fish of artist Paul Klee.
A cute bumblebee!  Bzzz!

You did a great job with your art this bear, Buddy.  I'm so proud, and I cant wait to see next year's art work in comparison.  

I love you bunches!!

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