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Dear Ian,

Before I start this post, I need to explain the title.  A while back we went on a cruise, and during dinner, the wait staff would dance, sing and what not, and before they did all of their entertainment, the head waiter would call out, "Shhhhhhhhhhhhowtime."  It made your Daddy (and your Uncle Ryan and Uncle Kurt) and Mommy laugh.  So there you have it.  And now, it's shhhhhhhowtime.

The other day your class(es) participated in the End of the Year show at your school.  This show was a combination of songs you had been learning in Dance and Movement with Miss Jan and a chance to show off a collection of the cool art you have been making with Miss Lynn.  Since you are in a Monday-Wednesday-Friday class as well as a Tuesday-Thursday class, you actually got to have two shows and two art displays.  

You, Miss Laura and the MWF ready to take the stage.
I was the only one that was able to make it to your first show, but on Tuesday, your Grandma Davis, Grandma Brooks, Daddy and I all got to go.  You did such a great job!  Miss Laura, Miss Jordan and Miss Jamye made everyone in your class(es) a special shirt to wear.  It's so cute; your little hand-print is turned into an American flag on a light blue shirt.  I cant wait for you to wear it on the 4th of July.  But back to business. 

Your little class(es) filed into the Parish Hall and took your places on individual carpet squares, and then you got to work showing us all the fun songs you have learned.  Compared the the Christmas show, which albeit was your first performance ever, where you sat and admired the view, this time you were a completely different kid.  Almost.  You played your instruments, danced and seemed to really get into it this time.  From balancing bean bags on your head to keeping time with Lumi sticks and a tambourine, you really did a great job! 

You did, however, protest the song Slippery Fish.  Both shows you refused to sing this particular song.  This wasn't new to me; Miss Jan and Miss Laura had both told me about a week before that you never sang Slippery Fish.  I asked, and usually the only answer I got from you was, "I don't want to sing Slippery Fish."  The day of the show, however, I asked again, and you told me that, "...the whale didn't have nice manners."  At the end of Slippery Fish, the whale gives a big burp, and apparently that really bothered you.  Silly man.  But whatever.  For the rest of your songs, you did a really great job. 

Below are a few pictures of you and your class(es) performing:
 Here you are dancing and "getting the rock 'n' roll in your knees, as the song suggested.  This move was totally unexpected from you, and it completely cracked me up! 
 You and Spencer making unicorns with the Lumi Sticks.
 You, Miss Jordan and Spencer tapping your Lumi Sticks on the floor.  This song gets in my head and makes me kind of crazy. 
Lucky you!  You got to play the purple (which is your favorite color) tambourine during the rhythm band song.  YAY!

After the show ended, all the kids and grown ups got to wander around and look at all of the art work on display.  You had some beautiful art, Little Man!  Here are some pictures.

 You, Grandma Davis, Grandma Brooks and Daddy after your show.
 Your art from your Monday-Wednesday-Friday class.
Here you are in front of your art from your Tuesday-Thursday class.  I love that big smile on your face! 

You made me so proud, Baby Bear, with the great job you did on your art and at your show.  But you always make me proud.  Even when you are just playing and being you.  I'm especially proud of when you are just being you, because I think you're pretty special.  

Love you bunches, Super Star,
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