Monday, June 25, 2012

Boredom Busters

Dear Ian,

It's that most wonderful time of the year in Florida: Hurricane Season.  Typically during the summers in Tallahassee it rains everyday anyway, but occasionally we are lucky enough (being totally sarcastic here) to  be blessed with the presence of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.  At the moment, Tropical Storm Debby is gracing us with her presence, and that bad mamajama has parked herself off the Gulf coast and is proceeding to just rotate and blow nasty rain and stormy weather our way.  Today is Monday.  It rained most of the day yesterday, it is raining today, and according to our friends at the Weather Channel, it's going to stay wet throughout our entire week.

What does this mean for us?  Well, it means day after day of wet, soggy weather that does not allow for us to play outside so much.  It means being confined to quarters with an energetic two year old.  Mommy better get her creative hiney in gear to keep us both from going off the deep-end as a result of cabin fever.  We're battening down the hatches and pulling out all the stops.

Day One of our confinement:  We made a wicked cool sheet fort this morning.  I had to vacuum anyway, so we rearranged all the furniture, swept up, and then we covered the WHOLE living room with sheets.  Complete with our ficus tree in the middle, your tent was one cool play space.  We used your collapsible  tunnel as your entrance, and you hauled in your toy laptop, a few stuffed friends and some trucks.  And it kept you pretty busy.  Well, in reality you were occupied long enough for me to vacuum my bedroom, your bedroom and the dining room rug.  Then it was time for me to come play.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I played in a sheet fort, and this was pretty fun.  We read books, sang Going On Bear Hunt, and then, we ended up having a picnic in our little hideaway.  It was a blast!

 You in your gigantic fort.  Took up the entire living room

Lunch time in the fort.  On my freshly vacuumed floor.  Smart planning?  Probably not, but who cares?

We took it down for nap, although you protested like a champ for me to leave it up and let you nap in it.  Had to turn you down on that one, buddy.  Mommy needs a little quiet time, so I need your sweet little self upstairs napping.  However, you've made me promise to reassemble it before Daddy comes home so you can play in there with him, too.  Not sure what else we're going to do this afternoon to keep us busy, so I'm off to dream up something fun.  Translation:  Mommy is taking a nap.  You wore me out!

Love you bunches,

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