Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day Fun

Dear Ian,

So much has been going on, and we have been having so much fun that, as usual, Mommy is a little behind on things.  This past weekend was Father's Day, and we celebrated those great men in our life, Papa, Grandpa Brooks and Daddy in style.

We spent the weekend in Destin, Florida, playing at the Army Recreation Facility and the nearby beaches like we do this time every year, but this time was even more special because it was Daddy Day!  I will make sure to post more about the weekend and it's fun events later on, but for now, all about Father's Day.

We woke Daddy up that morning with hugs and kisses, and then we served him his very favorite breakfast: breakfast casserole.  But as we got it out to heat up and plate, we noticed that he had been munching on it the past couple of day we were in Destin, so on the actual morning he was supposed to get it, there was only enough for each of us to have one piece.  Sigh.  That Daddy.  We added some grapes and strawberries to help fill out the meal, and with orange juice to wash it down, it was great!  Then you gave Daddy his cards.  We found a couple of cute ones at the store, but his most special card was the one that you made for him (with a little help from Mommy).

Here's the cover of your card.  You were so deliberate and careful with the drawing of your circles.  You kept saying, "I don't want to cover up the words!"  It turned out so nice!  

 Here's the inside of your card to Daddy.  Mommy asked you some questions about him, and you gave me answers.  I wrote them down word-for-word, so they are true, authentic Ian opinions.  In case you cant read them, here's what it says:

My Daddy's name is: Erik
and he is: 2 years old.
My Daddy works at: work and he makes money.
His favorite thing to eat is: steak meat
and his favorite thing to drink is: water.
He does not like: snail juice.
I like to: play ball and say stories with my Daddy
I love my Daddy because: he loves me!

So cute!  Daddy loved it, and you were so proud of your work.  You got such a kick out of this project that we even had to make them for Grandpa Brooks and Papa, too.  Here they are:

This one was for Papa Davis.  Again with the careful circles :)

And Papa's says:
My Papa's name is: Brian, just like Uncle Brian
and he is: 16 years old.  
My Papa works: at the farm in Tallahassee
His favorite thing to eat is: vegetables
and he likes to drink: Pepsi Soda
He does not like: snail juice.
I like to: drive the 40 and the Cub and the mower with my Papa.
I love my Papa because: he loves me!

And finally, Grandpa Brooks' card:
By this time, you were really getting into the market art.  Therefore the cover of Grandpa's card is a little more... festive!  

And your interview about Grandpa went like this:

My Grandpa's name is: Tom
and he is: 16 years old.
My Grandpa works: at his office in the house.
His favorite thing to eat is: Teriyaki Chicken
and favorite thing to drink:  coffee from Starbucks.
He does not like: snail juice.
I like to: set the train up with my Grandpa
I love my Grandpa because: he loves me!

They all really seemed to love their cards, and I personally think they are just adorable.  Daddy's is already tucked away in your special keepsake box.  

Anyhoo.  Later that day, we played in the splash park (again, more on that later), took a great nap, and then we all went to a special dinner at The Back Porch, which is an amazing seafood restaurant right on the beach.  It was a great way to end a great day.  

Here's a final photo of you and Daddy in the funny big chair outside The Back Porch.  We are so lucky to have him!  He's a super, amazing and wonderful Daddy!

You two are my favorite boys!

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