Monday, August 29, 2011

Works of Art #22

Here's some more art projects from school.  Looks like someone had some fun with the bingo-stamper-markers!  And looks like Mommy is going to be uploading a ton of new art projects!

And I am thrilled to say that you know all of your teacher's names.  Today you weren't feeling well, so you went to visit Grandma Brooks instead.  This afternoon, after you woke up from nap, we were talking about going to school tomorrow, and you said, "Laura."  Yup, your teacher's name is Miss Laura, and when I asked about your other teachers, you said "Jordan" and "Karen."  I think you are really starting to get into the groove of this school thing, and it makes me feel so much more confident knowing that you are enjoying them.  I hope they are enjoying you, because I am most likely biased, but I think you're pretty dang special.

Love you,

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