Friday, August 26, 2011


Dear Ian,

Today your new baby cousin, Abigail Ann, was born to your Uncle Kurt and Aunt Stacey.  This afternoon, you, Daddy and I went up to the hospital to meet her and to congratulate the new Mommy and Daddy.  You weren't really sure what to think of her, but you kept saying "Baby Abigail" over and over again.  It was super cute! 

At eight pounds and eight ounces, Abigail weighed a whole pound and seven ounces more than you did when you were born, and when I got to hold her, it just blew my mind that you used to be even smaller than she is!  It's amazing how quickly you've grown from that sweet, sleepy little bundle into a bouncing and active little boy. 

Anyway.  No sappiness from Mommy.  Here are a few pictures:

 Sweet little Abigail, just minutes after she was born.  Her birthday is August 26, 2011, which should be pretty easy to remember.  It's the day before your buddy Isabella's birthday. 
Here's a sweet photo of you and your new little cousin.  You liked to look at her, but you weren't  too interested in getting to know her yet.  I can't wait to eventually watch the two of you play together.  You and your cousin Payton are great friends, and I am excited for you to have a new cousin playmate.  We'll let Aunt Stacey and Uncle Kurt enjoy her tiny baby days for a bit longer, though.  Goodness knows yours sure flew by!

Love always,

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