Monday, August 22, 2011

Beginning of Something Great!

Dear Ian,

Today was your first day of school!  Well, technically it was orientation so Daddy was with you, which makes tomorrow your first day of school by yourself, but whatever.  It was your first day of school!  We all got up and had a good breakfast (eggs, strawberries and honey smacks - thanks Grandma Davis), got dressed, brushed our teeth, packed up and headed out.  Mommy had to go to her classroom, and you and Daddy came to visit for a bit, but then off you went to your class!  Your teachers are Miss Laura, Miss Jordan and Miss Karen (funny, huh?!), and you have a classroom full of new friends to make! 

Here are some pictures from your first day.  And of course, you realize that this is the start of your "first day of school" photo collection, right?  Your Grandma and Papa took one of me every first day.  It's neat to see the changes from year to year, both in how we looked and in how we dressed.  Oy.  Back to the pictures. 

Here we are outside the house, getting ready to leave!
And here's one on the actual way to school!  Yes, Mommy did this at a stop light; no one worry.  I'm not that nutty...
Once we got there, you and Daddy and I went and found your room before I had to go to my class.  And yes, your insane Mommy took pictures of everything!!
The top left photo is obviously the school sign, and the photo on the top right is your Bear clothespin.  Your Advent bag was hanging on it!  :)  Finally, the bottom photo is a list of some of your classmates.  New friends!

This next photo is fun; 30 years ago, your Daddy played on this playground!
You showed him all around the school.  You saw your class, the bunnies, the kids and the new toys.  I think that you are going to have a great time at your new school.  While it may be a bit of a shock to your little system at first, I think once you get comfortable, we won't be able to DRAG you away.

As for now, you are napping and hopefully dreaming of all the fun you are going to have.  Mommy, however, has a stack of papers to read and fill out.  Homework, if you will!
Great job today, Little Bear, and we are so proud of you!!

Mommy and Daddy

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