Saturday, August 13, 2011

For The Birds

Dear Ian,

Today we did something that was so much fun, and it's something I have wanted to do for a little while now.  We painted our very own bird feeder and hung it up in the backyard for our bird friends!  On the route to your swimming lessons, there's a house in Foxcroft with about 20 different colored birdhouses in the yard, and you were completely fascinated by them.  Every day when we went to swim and passed that house you would point and yell "Birdhouse!" and then giggle like a loon.

Then the other day when we were at Joann Fabrics, we passed a whole selection of plain, wooden birdhouses and bird feeders just waiting to be decorated.  You pointed, asked for a "birdhouse, please," and then we became the proud owners of a new project. 

After donning our smocks, covering the table with protective newspaper and wrapping the rope handle with paper towels, we got to work.  You really got into your work, but after a few minutes, you asked me to help paint, and we really had a blast covering it with colors.  We stuck with your favorite color, purple, and a few others, and I think it turned out really well.  It's definitely bright, and I have no idea if bird or color-blind or not, but if they aren't they will be sure to notice it. 

Anyhoo...  after finishing the painting portion, we hopped in the car and zipped off to Home Depot to get the necessary tools to finish our job.  We purchased a black hanging-hook-thing, some lacquer to protect our beautiful painting and, of course, bird seed.  Random side thought: your memory is getting so good.  You "helped" me remember our list by repeating over and over the things we needed to buy.  The neat part was that I only mentioned once our list of items needed.  Smart boy...  Back to our bird feeder.  We came home, shellacked your project, hammered in the hanger and hung up the bird feeder! It is a great addition to our backyard.  I cannot wait for our first bird visitors! 

You are so excited about your bird feeder.  When Daddy came  home from work, you eagerly showed him what we had been up to this afternoon and were so proud of your work.  As of now, it's been up for about a half and hour and still no visitors, but hopefully soon.  We keep peeking out the window, and any minute now, some lucky bird will be at the most colorful buffet ever!!

Love you lots,

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