Monday, November 21, 2011

Works of Art #26

Ooooh, I've gotten behind again.  And it's Thanksgiving time, so your art coming home from school has really put us in the fall mood  First to come home was this really cute brown bag pumpkin that you made!  We had it as part of our post-Halloween decorations on the dining room table.  Super cute!   
Next came the gorgeous stained glass leaves that you made with contact paper and tissue paper.  I love these; they are probably my favorite piece of art you did.  These are currently hanging over your changing table (although we no longer use it as a changing table now that you are potty trained.  YAY!).

Then we have your more Thankgiving-y art:  This first piece of art is either a fall leaf or Indian corn.  When I ask you, you say it's a leaf, so we'll go with that.  Either way, I love the colors!

And finally, and most Thanksgiving-appropriate, we have your little construction paper turkey.  He is SO cute!  I'm going to hang him on your wall after you wake up from nap.  I LOVE this little guy!

Here on the home-front, we're still doing art as well, although not as much as we used to do.  Lately we've been working on learning how to cut with scissors, and you've been doing really well with that.  You will make a snip and then tear the paper in a line the rest of the way.  You're on your way to being a great scissor-user.  

We also attempted to make colored noodle Native American necklaces.  I dyed a box of rigatoni noodles different colors, and then gave you a piece of string with a twist-tie needle on which to thread your noodles.  See below:
But then Daddy got involved and showed you that the noodles could also fit on your fingers, and that was WAY more exciting than making some old necklace.  Sigh.  Daddy: what are we going to do with him?!

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