Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pearly Whites

Dear Ian,

In keeping with the tradition of using this blog like your baby book, I have another "first" that belongs in your history.  The other day, November 22, we went to your very first dentist appointment.  Like I know I've mentioned before, you like to chew on the corners of your Loveys when you get tired or feel a little insecure, and because of that, your Daddy and I wanted to make sure that nothing was going on with your teeth as a result of this chewing habit.  We also just wanted to make sure that your little teefers were coming in correctly and that there were no issues with our brushing.  We brush every morning and every night, and we have a pretty good little routine.  First we give you the brush with a little tooth paste and let you "brush" first while we comb your hair.  Then, we "help" you finish up.  Daddy has been our resident tooth-brushing-helper in the morning as of late, because I'm usually running around like a loon trying to get your lunch packed, get myself dressed or whatever.

So, after a little research and a conversation with our dental insurance provider, we were directed to Dr. Carey's office right around the corner from our house.  Our appointment was set, and then Daddy and I started your mental prepping for the visit.  For days and weeks before your visit, we talked about how the dentist was a doctor for your teeth, and that when we got there, they would need you to open wide like an alligator and let them count your chompers. 

I guess we did an ok job with this brain-washing, because you did a GREAT job at your first dental visit.  We were called to the back, and Miss Dawn, the hygienist, first "painted" your teeth to see if there were any spots that we needed to brush better or focus on.  Congrats to your Daddy, because she said that your teeth were super clean!  And you were very tolerant of this new experience.  Then, while Doctor Carey came over and talked to me, you got to practice brushing with a huge toothbrush on a stuffed monkey with funny teeth.  You really seemed to enjoy that!  Then came the actual tooth cleaning.  Again, I was a little worried about how you would react to this new thing, but you took it all in stride.  While you sat on my lap, Miss Dawn demonstrated how her spinning tooth polisher worked, and then she cleaned your teeth.  You were such a big boy.  You didn't cry or wiggle or anything.  I was one proud Mama.  Finally, after Doctor Carey came back and looked at your teeth with his little mirror, it was time to go.  As a reward for your great behavior, Miss Dawn took you to the treat table, and you got to pick out a toy car and a sticker.  You were so excited about these, and you talked about them the whole way to school. 

Today in the mail, we got a neat letter from your dentist's office welcoming you as a patient, and with the letter was a picture that they took of you while we were there.  Here's your picture of you practicing brushing your teeth:

Your smiles make me smile, and now that I know that Lovey isn't causing damage, and now that I know that your teeth are shining and healthy, I can smile bigger.  And we can officially say that our first dental appointment is now in the bag!

Love always,

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