Saturday, November 5, 2011

Works of Art #25

Here's our 25th entry in your Works of Art category, and its' a biggie!  Your class has been working on a project in Art Class where you've been recreating the art of Eric Carle.  So here it is, without any further ado:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  
Written by Bill Martin Jr.
Illustrated by Ian Brooks
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?  
I see a red bird looking at me.
Red Bird, Red Bird, what do you see?
I see a yellow duck looking at me.
Yellow Duck, Yellow Duck, what do you see?
I see a blue horse looking at me.
Blue Horse, Blue Horse, what do you see?
I see a green frog looking at me.
Green Frog, Green Frog, what do you see?
I see a purple cat looking at me.
Purple Cat, Purple Cat, what do you see?
I see a white dog looking at me.
White Dog, White Dog, what do you see?
I see a black sheep looking at me.
Black Sheep, Black Sheep what do you see?
I see a goldfish looking at me.
Goldfish, Goldfish, what do you see?
I see...Children looking at me.
Here's your Monday-Wednesday-Friday class.
Nick, Tanner, Keelie, Carson, Luke, Joe, Rhiley, Cole, Spencer, J.R., Liam and you.  

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