Thursday, September 15, 2011

Works of Art #23

The other day we tried something new:  Watercolors!  I wasn't sure how you were going to do with a little cup of water, dipping, mixing and rinsing, but you did a great job.  Of course you ended up tipping the cup of water over, but that was after you created the masterpiece you see below.
 So many colors to chose from!
 Being very careful with the water cup.
Your finished product.  Watercolors were a lot of fun.

Here are a few art pictures from school, too.  I'm curious, though, little boy.  For someone who loves his art so much, you must really be having a good time at school.  Your art is starting to take on the look of someone who is drawn to something even more fun.  Tee hee.
 Green marker art from school.
 The other side of your green marker art.
And a green-ish yellow-ish squiggle of sorts.  

I'm glad you're having so much fun creating different pictures. 
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