Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Memories

Dear Ian,

I've come across a compilation of photos recently that are just a bunch of random fun memories.  They don't really have any sort of category to fit in or any special lesson or story to go with them, but they are parts of our normal day to day stuff that make up memories.  They are photos that make me smile and illustrate how much fun we have having you around.

Here's a fun couple of pictures!  These are two photos of you in the tub.  No, you weren't covered in paint; these are Tub Tints!  We have these nifty little tablets that you add to bath water to make them different colors (without dyeing the tub or the kiddo), and you absolutely love them!  In fact, they helped you learn your colors.  Green and purple are your favorites, so that's why I added them, but we have done every color of the rainbow.  I have to admit, the color red was a little disturbing.  It was like you were bathing in a pool of blood, so I have to admit, I'm not wild about repeating that one.  And yellow is also a little funny.  There's this old adage about not eating yellow snow, and that bath tub of yellow water sorta reminded me of that.  No, I didn't share my opinions of red and yellow with you.  I'm not THAT bad of a Mommy.  But you are content with our frequent repeats of green, purple and blue, so it all works out in the end.

Next is an illustration of how big of a nerd your mother really is.  These are your Lunch Box Love Notes.  I made a few little cards that I rotate and put in your lunch box every day.  You seem to get a big kick out of what picture you have when you open your lunch, and it makes me smile to know that you notice and enjoy them.  My Mommy, your Grandma Davis, used to decorate our lunch bags with pictures of where we were going on field trips and such, so this is sorta my version of that.  And since I'm sure one day very soon, my little love notes will embarrass the daylights out of you, so I'm going to milk it as long as I can. 

Finally, here's a couple of pictures of some of the fun things we have done lately.  Football season has started, and you got to go to the first game of the season.  We got all decked out in our garnet and gold and had a total blast.  We sat in Grandma and Papa Davis' seats, which have been in the same place for 35 years, so that was pretty neat.  You're the 4th generation to use them!  You loved watching Chief Osceola and Renegade, the band, and you clapped and cheered right along with the rest of the fans in the stands.  We actually made it through three whole quarters and most of the 4th quarter, too!  I was really impressed with you and your ability to sit and watch the game.

The other day, we were lucky to have Daddy home most 
of the day.  Poor guy, he's been working like crazy, so it was nice for him to have a little bit of a break this past
weekend.  You ADORE and worship your daddy, so I know having him around was just awesome for you.  We all packed up and went to the park and played on the playground for a while.  I'm not sure who had more fun, as Daddy was running around, playing on the monkey bars and helping you go up and down the slides.  The two of you also ran the work-out obstacle course, too, and that wore you out!  When we came home, you took a three hour nap!  Holy moly!  It was a super fun Saturday, and we wrapped up our outing having a lunch at What-a-burger and playing after nap.  It was a really nice day.  This past weekend, Daddy also taught you some more Manly Man stuff, and you watched him shave.  Not one to be left out of the action, you sat on the bathroom counter next to him and got a front row seat on this little adventure.  It wasn't long before your face was covered in shaving cream, though.  Mommy went and created your own little razor by quadruple-taping the plastic cover on a cheap disposable razor, and you and Daddy got to shave together.  You took the whole thing very seriously.  (And I must take this moment to explain to everyone else reading that there was in NO WAY a chance for you to cut yourself.  Not every one call Child Protective Services at once, now...) 

So there you have it: my current hodge-podge of favorite photos, and more memories that we've made as a family.  We're having so much fun with you, and I can only hope that maybe you'll  look back and remember them the same, fond way that we do.

Love you bunches!
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