Thursday, September 29, 2011

School is SO Cool!

Dear Ian,

We've officially made it through your first month at school, and I know I've said it before, but you really seem to be digging it lately.  Yesterday was your class' Open House, and Daddy and I both got to attend.  It was neat to get to look around your room.  I don't usually get the opportunity to hang out in your classroom since when I'm dropping you off, I usually have a couple of my students with me, and I pick you up in the activity room where you eat lunch.  This was the most time I got to spend in your room, and it was a lot of fun!  There's all kinds of cool stuff to play with, colorful artwork and adorable bulletin boards.  Your teachers, Miss Laura, Miss Jordan and Miss Karen really take a lot of time to make your room look inviting and fun, and they do a great job.

This post will be more pictures than letter, but that's ok, because they are fun and can show more of what your classroom looks like than I can describe in words.  Here we go...
One of the super fun bulletin boards in your classroom.
A close up of your picture on the board.  :)
Here you are showing Daddy the stove in your home living center.  You like to cook, so it was no surprise that you went here when we asked what you liked to play with in your classroom.
A pretty stained glass leaf that you made.
Showing Daddy y our paper plate apples.

Haha!  This is so cute!  I love it!

After touring your classroom, we all headed upstairs to the Parish Hall for a pizza lunch, and it was neat to get to sit with the other kids in your class and their Moms and Dads.  You are turning into quite the little social butterfly; you knew everyone's name, and I know it wont be long until you know everyone's business, too.  

I'm so glad I got to come to this event, and I'm really glad that you are learning so much and having so much fun.  Daddy and I are so thankful that you are able to have these experiences at such a great place; we really got lucky when we accidentally found your school.

Love you lots and lots, 
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