Monday, September 5, 2011

Who, What, When, Where, and Why...

Dear Ian,

I know that somewhere in this blog-baby-book I have previously mentioned that I love being your Mommy.  Nothing makes me prouder than having the title "Wife-and-Mother."  But I also recall somewhere in this blog that I have mentioned wanting to pull my pillow over my head and letting someone else take over for a little while.  This is because wife-ing and mothering is a tough job; it is not for the faint of heart.  Every day I am inundated with questions, decisions, problems and issues, and it gets to the point where I want to make no more decisions or answer any more requests.  Ask Daddy: Every now and then he'll ask me a question, and my response is honestly, "I don't know, and I don't care."  It's not because I don't want to talk with Daddy, and it's definitely not because I am not interested in what he has to say or wants to do.  Far from it.  I love your Daddy with all my heart.  But that answer is usually given after I have reached my breaking point when it comes to thinking.  All day long, all I do is think, and sometimes I just give up.  Below is a "typical" Mommy day of questions that I answer and decisions I make.  A few of these I ask out loud, but most of them are in my head.  Good thing, too...  Here we go:

1.  What was that?
2.  Was that Ian?
3.  Is he awake?
4.  What time is it?
5.  Why is he awake already?!
6.  Can I just lay here a few more minutes?
7.  How did you sleep?
8.  Do you want apple juice or orange juice?
9.  What am I going to make for breakfast?
10.  What aren't you eating your breakfast?
11.  Will you please take a bite?
12.  What is this sticky stuff on the table?
13.  What will we wear today?
14.  Did you brush your teeth?
15.  Did I brush my teeth?
16.  Do I match?
17.  WHERE are my KEYS?!
18.  Will we both survive school this morning?
19.  How is he doing in his classroom?
20.  How was your day?
21.  Did you eat your lunch?
22.  Are you ready for nap?
23.  Why are you awake ALREADY?
24.  What is that smell?
25.  Are you poopy?
26.  Why didn't you tell me you needed to go potty?
27.  LORD!  What did you eat?!
28.  What would you like for snack?
29.  Why aren't you eating your snack?
30.  What is this crusty stuff on the table?
31.  Want to go outside?
32.  Want to go inside?
33.  Why are you whining?
34.  Is it bedtime yet?
35.  What should we make for dinner?
36.  Where is Lovey?
37.  Where are my measuring cups?
38.  What did I decide about dinner?
39.  Is it time for Daddy to come home yet?
40.  Want to help me make dinner?
41.  Why are my measuring cups in the toilet?
42.  Ready to eat dinner?
43.  Why aren't you eating dinner?
44.  What is this slimy stuff on the table?
45.  Did you get ANY of your food in your mouth?
46.  Ready for your bath?
47.  Is Daddy home yet?
48.  Ready to get out of the tub?
49.  Where are your jammies?
50.  What book are we reading today?
51.  Where is Lovey?
52.  How many more minutes until bed time?
53.  Did you have a good day?
54.  Want me to tuck you in?
55.  Is he asleep?

And this list doesn't include the questions (usually one word questions) that you ask me all day.  And remember how I said that most of these are questions I ask myself in my head?  That's because Mommy believes in the "ask stupid questions, get stupid answers" philosophy of parenting.  This is because that your answer to most questions these days is a very adamant, "No."  So I usually just sorta by-pass your opinion on the whole decision making thing.  It's better for both of us in the long run. 

Do I love you?  Yes.  Endlessly. 


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  1. Frighteningly enough, this list closely resembles one that I go through every day with my husband. I'm not sure if I should be worried about that or just laugh!