Monday, April 18, 2011

Works of Art #12 (Part 1)

Dear Ian,

Usually your art posts dont have a letter attached, but today was momentous, so here we are.  You and I did something new today; paper mache!  Whoa, man.  Usually I would reserve this for much older kids, but since we're one on one here, and you are pretty durned smart, I figured we'd try it out.  Truth be told, the last time I did this was with a group of kids aged 6-8, so yeah, you are a bit ahead of the curve art-wise. 

I decided that we didn't really have any fun Easter decorations, so why not paper mache some balloons and turn them into eggs?  After all, it's not that hard, and I think you would have a blast painting them.  (The painting part will be part 2 of this Works of Art post.)  So, armed with some balloons, a bowl of Elmer's glue mixed with water and strips of newspaper, out we went.  I had the forethought to strip you down to your diaper and to do this outside, so that way we could contain the mess.  It was a good idea, but not totally necessary, as you weren't too into the mess part anyway.  You were a big helper when it came to stirring up the glue mix, and you put on a few strips, but most of the mache-ing was done by me.  And I was a mess.  Typical. 

So now we are waiting for them to try, and then we can paint them all kinds of fun colors.  And of course there will be photos.  Here are the photos from today's part of the adventure:

The top left photo is you helping me add more glue to our mix and stirring it, and the photo on the top right is you actually doing some of the mache-ing.  Bottom photos are: one of our finished eggs and you washing up with the hose.  Nice :) 

Looking forward to painting them and seeing what kind of mess THAT makes!


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