Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Sickness and In Health

Dear Ian,

As the title of this post may suggest, we are battling another illness, but this time, I am (sorta) thankful because there's a reason other than "it's just a virus."  Baby Bear, you have a double ear infection.  That means both your little ears are all ick, and therefore, you have been a grumpy Bear.

This all started on Friday night.  Mommy dropped you off at Grandma and Grandpa Brooks' house (Son, really.  Why do you have to get sick when you are away from me?  Are you trying to make me feel guilty?!)  and you were acting fine, but seemed a little warm.  It's hot outside now, so I was thinking maybe your temperature had something to do with that.  Grandma said you slept ok that night, but when I went to get you a little after noon on Saturday, you were quite feverish.  103.7 as a matter of fact.  Oh, boy.  Here we go again.  Sunday it was a little lower, and the same thing again on Monday, so I honestly thought it was your teeth.  You do this weird high-fever-thing whenever you get a tooth, so I was ok with the 101 while we waited for this alleged tooth to come on through.  But then, on Tuesday, you were back to 103.  I tempted fate and called the doctor, got you in, and we discovered this ear infection thing.  On one hand, I'm happy that we had a diagnosis of SOMETHING, because throughout the first couple of weeks of March, you were running a fever like this, but the doctors could find nothing wrong.  It was weird.  On the other hand, I hate seeing you feel bad.

And holy cow, are you letting me know that you feel ick.  Yesterday, you didn't to be  held, but you didn't want to be put down.  If you could have hovered in mid-air, maybe you would have been happy.  But NOTHING I did helped.  You didn't want to eat, you didn't want to play, and all you seemed to really WANT to do was whine.  Oy.  All day long.  I was about to threaten to put you back in the womb.  After a good dose of Infants Advil, and after reading about a zillion books - the only thing that made you happy - you seemed to calm down enough for us to go get Daddy and figure something out for dinner.  You ended up "eating" egg drop soup out of a straw.  I didn't really care how you got food in your tummy as long as it got there.  You aren't one to turn down meals, so this not eating thing had Mommy a little freaked out.

So we are now on Day 2 of a wicked strong antiboitic (the nurse also heard some rattling in your chest, so she gave us a powerful prescription to knock both ears and chest illnesses out of the park) and you sorta seem to be returning to normal.  I will be happy to get my sweet, easy to please bottomless pit back. 

Feel better soon, little buddy,

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