Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There Goes Peter Cottontail!

Dear Ian,

Happy belated Easter!  This year's Easter was a blast since, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc (I'm getting predictable) you were able to truly partcipate for the first time.  We did all kinds of things to get ready for and celebrate this special holiday.  You saw, in previous posts, that we made some fun decorations, but we also colored eggs, made cupcakes, went to church and had an egg hunt, too! 

You helping me make Easter cupcakes
Our Easter started Saturday night with the coloring of eggs.  I mixed the colors and we talked about each one, and then you helped me put the eggs in the dye.  It was funny; the whole time you kept saying "eggs?" like you were trying to figure out what in the world I was doing to them!  While our eggs changed colors, we decorated some fun cupcakes with jelly beans.  Well, you would decorate one and then sneak a few jelly beans on the sly.  Silly boy.  Come to think of it, I think you had more sugar this holiday than any holiday so far.  Moving on, though.  After jelly beaning cupcakes, our eggs were finally finished, so we took them out.  You were so excited to see the colors!  Currently you are learning the color red (or "reh," as you say), so the pinkish-reddish egg was your favorite.  I wish I had photos of our egg coloring, but my camera had a freak-out moment, and I dont have those photos anymore.  Oh well.  We'll get some next year.  At least we have the memories!

Us before Mass
 Sunday morning, Easter Sunday, dawned bright and beautiful, and we spent it getting ready for church.  Poor Daddy wasn't feelinlg so hot, so we went on our own and met up with Grandma and Papa Davis, Uncle Gary, Aunt Megan and Payton.  Our church is the Co-Cathedral of St. Thomas More on the FSU campus, and I do believe that most of FSU thought itself to be Catholic that day.  (Which is fine, because we celebrate Easter first and foremost as a recognition of the resurection.)  Holy Moly!  Church was PACKED!  Our family ended up standing for the WHOLE mass, and yes, I held you -while wearning heels- the whole time.  I am still waiting on my back to stop hurting.  You and Payton were so well behaved during Mass.  The best part was, though, was when the congregation would sing; at the end of the song, you would clap and Payton would yell, "YAY!"  At one point, everyone there was laughing.  Sigh.  Only our family.  Remind me to tell you stories of your Uncle Brian and Uncle Gary in church.  

Egg Hunting Concentration
After Mass, we picked up Daddy and headed out to the farm for the rest of our Easter celebration.  Uncle Brian and Aunt Maggie met us there, and even Great Poppey came, so the whole Davis side of your family was there!  It was great!  As per family tradition, we ate leg of lamb (with ham for Great Poppey, too), carrots and potatoes and green beans.  It was so good.  I wait all year for this meal.  And I am making myself hungry, so we need to move on...  We followed up our tasty dinner with a tractor ride, and then came  the egg hunt!  Uncle Brian and Aunt Maggie were the egg hiders, and they did a great job.  You and Payton had SO much fun running around looking for eggs.  The two of you found all of them!  Even the crazy hidden ones (remember, I said that Uncle Brian was an egg hider, and he hardly ever does things the "normal" way.)  We followed up your egg hunt with yet another wacky Davis family tradition: the Easter bone hunt for the dogs.  Gus, Hanna and Heidi got to run all over the yard "hunting" up dog bones.  It was really funny to watch :)  

Success!  Happy Easter!

After all that, we still went to see Grandma and Grandpa Brooks and your other Aunts and Uncles, and you had another egg hunt there.  You are such a lucky little guy to have such a big family and have them all close by.  More love to go 'round.  

Happy Easter, little buddy, and I hope that with this post, I was able to give you some of the memories that are now locked in my heart.

Love you bunches!

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