Friday, April 22, 2011


Dear Ian,

My little gardener!
I bet you thought I wouldn't remember to update your blog on the progress of our growing project that we have been working on for so long now.  Well, here's that update, and I am proud to say that not only have we kept the plants alive, but they are THRIVING!  And blooming! 

You are very diligent about watering them, and I'm so glad you mention it every time we play outside.  Remember, if left to me, those poor plants would be long neglected.  So, I say again, those plants are lucky to have you! 

A while back, your Grandma Brooks bought you a little garden set, and we have been using the watering can to do your watering.  It's the perfect size, and it has come in handy.  You're so good at doing the pouring all by yourself now!

Look how big! 

 This has been a fun project to do with you.  You were so excited to see that little flower on your plant, and it sparked a new addition to your vocabulary list.  Yup, you now say "flower" and you point at it every time we go outside. 

A close-up of our blossom!  YAY!

So YAY us for keeping your little plants alive!  Here's to more blooms soon, as we even saw a couple of buds on your marigold today. 

 Love always,

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