Monday, May 31, 2010

Only 12 Stickers Left!

Ok, without context, this title makes no sense at all!

Before you were born, your Grandma Brooks gave us a calendar for your first year to keep track of all of your developmental milestones and firsts. Here you are, only seven months old, and you only have 12 stickers left! So far we have placed stickers for your first bath, the first time you rolled over, when you started crawling, and now, just in the past couple of days, we have added First Tooth and Pulls Self to Stand! This first year is going by so quickly, and I think it really hit home when I looked at the sheet that used to be completely filled with stickers, and now there are just a handfull left.

Of course, you have done some things for which there aren't stickers, but that doesn't diminish their importance to us. Some of the firsts that we have documented, kept track of and tucked away in our memories may seem silly, but they are so special. Just today, you rode in a shopping cart for the first time without your infant carrier. See? Silly I know, but it was special to me to see you sitting up like a big boy in the cart. You loved it, too. The view was completely different, and you couldn't stop looking around. It was also the first time you stayed awake past the bread aisle.

Other special-only-to-us firsts: At your first doctor's appointment, you peed all over me. That was a first for me, as well. One that I have not repeated since, I might add. There was your first boo boo; you somehow bit and bruised your tongue, although you had no teeth at the time. Your first smile was sticker-worthy, but there wasn't a sticker for your first "Monster Smile." You make this crazy face with your nose all scrunched up, and now it even has a mosnter-breathing-sound to go with it. Makes me laugh when you do it! (see the picture to the right)

One of my favorites.... Your first Google search. :) Daddy was looking for something on the internet and you reached over and, by chance, hit the enter key and launched his search. (We are geeks, and I'm sure one of your firsts will be "the first time Mom and Dad
embarrassed me!")

As you grow and explore, there will be so many firsts, and we cant wait to be there to experience them right along with you. We may have to break out the crayons and make some stickers!

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