Friday, May 21, 2010

Technology is amazing!

Dear Ian,

Back in the old days, a mommy would have to buy a journal to record her thoughts and ideas, but now, I can write anything I want, press a button, and it is launched to the world. Hopefully you'll read these one day and not be completely embarrassed.

I plan to use this blog to write about the zillions of things that go through my head as I spend every day with you watching you grow and learn. Just this morning, you discovered your reflection in a mirror. It was hilarious to watch you reach out and touch your own face, determined to feel that "baby in the mirror's" nose. You would bump your head as you tried to get closer and screech in frustration! Not that I find your frustration funny, but your persistence to reach out and touch that baby was great to watch. It's just one more way that you remind me that every day is a new adventure. Something as simple as a reflection can be such an exciting experience. I typically take things like that for granted, but you have taught me to see things through new eyes. Take, for example, the photo on the right. This was the first time you got to experience sand. You had a blast picking it up, letting it sift through your hands. You positively cracked up at the sensation, and I just had to laugh right a long with you. Never before had sand been that funny to me!

You're taking a nap right now, but I cant wait to see what you discover when you wake up! Such potential at every waking.

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