Friday, August 30, 2013

Kodak Moment

Dear Ian,

Before we get into the "meat-and-taters" of this post, I feel obligated to explain the title of this post.  "Kodak Moments" was the marketing campaign of the Kodak film and camera company based in Buffalo, New York.  This is important because a bunch of us "olden days" people still use this catch phrase (as you can now plainly see), and because Kodak was from Buffalo.  Papa Davis will agree with that last bit being important the most.  I bet Mr. Kodak even had a Regents Diploma.  Which I will have to explain one day as well.  But back to your Kodak Moment.

Look at what we just got!

 A few weeks back, we had this photo taken by Whitney Fletcher as part of our Back To School festivities.  I was so excited to see it today, and it turned out just fabulous!  She captured a great smile, and we got to add some of your favorites to the photo to commemorate you at this age.

Man, did I have the hardest time coming up with all-about-yous to go on this print.  You answered a majority of them by yourself; your favorite toys, favorite foods and sports...  But what about the other things that make you you?  Should I have put on there that you ask the most random questions?  What about your love of cooking?  There are so many quirks and interesting facets of you that to list them all would have covered the whole picture.  In the end, we went with what you see above, and I am totally thrilled with it.  But, I am worried that as you grow and change that I will forget all of the funny little things that you do, say and love RIGHT NOW.  Hence the reason for this blog and the constant cataloging of memories.

I hope that you will appreciate this craziness of mine when you're all big and grown.  It's the little bits and pieces that will make you who you are and who you'll become.  It's always good to remember where you come from.

Much love always, sweet boy.
Your Mommy

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