Thursday, August 8, 2013


Dear Ian,

Son, I swear I am going to get to weeks seven through whatever on our Summer Fun Chain posts, but lately you have been running me ragged.  My goal this weekend is to knock out the rest of the summer's posts, because believe it or not, school starts in one week. 

This post is just a quick little annotation on what you are up to lately.  Sorta like Ian-isms, here's a snapshot of what's happening around here:

You have taught yourself how to whistle!  It's not perfect yet, but as of today, you can at least make a tone.  And you are so very excited about it.

And here's a funny Ian-ism from a conversation we had the other day.

Mommy:  Hey Daddy, there's a truckload of fruit in the fridge.
Ian: Where's the truck?
Mommy:  There's not really a truck, but there's so much fruit it could fill a truck.
Daddy: Yeah, Ian. That's a figure of speech. A colloquialism.  Can you say colloquialism?
Ian:  No, I can't say that word. I don't have the right kind of mouth.

We love you, Boo Bear,
Mommy and Daddy

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