Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We Need A Time Machine!

Dear Ian,

Do you realize what week we're on?  We have exactly two days of school remaining this week.  Yup, it's that time again.  School is almost out for the summer, and Mommy is left sitting in the dust wondering how we got to the end of yet another school term.

What a year you've had!  This year you had two amazing teachers in Ms. Katie and Ms. Mallory.  They have been so great with you, and I am extraordinarily thankful that you have spent all this time in their care and tutelage.  You have learned a ton, made some new friends and grown up so very much in just a short span of time. 

I spent a few minutes looking back at the post I wrote about this time last year, and I don't want to be redundant, so I am going to let pictures speak more than my writing.  Once again, Ms. Jan helped all the classes put on a great end-of-the-year show, and your teachers and Ms. Lynn, the art teacher, had art displays set up.  And as usual, Mommy got all teary during the last song.  Man, than Ms. Jan knows how to make all us sappy mommies cry. 

This last week of school has also been a lot of fun for you.  Monday of this week was Pajama Day, so you got to wear your jammies to school.  Well, technically, Mommy had to make a Wal-Mart run at 9pm on Sunday night to get you short sleeved jammies as all of yours had long sleeves and pants.  But we got 'em and you wore 'em.  It took some convincing, but you made it the whole day wearing something that "wasn't normal."  Tuesday was bike day, where you and all of your friends got to bring your bikes and trikes to school to ride around in the parking lot.  I got to sneak out and take a few pictures of that event.  And that brings us to today, which was Wacky Wednesday.  Straight-laced little you was not really into the wackiness, and that was ok.  Your teachers really got into the spirit of it. 

And here I am again, wondering how in the world this week got here so quickly!  You just started this school year last week, it seems!  Well, maybe not to your teachers, but I digress...  Doing some quick math brings me to the realization that you only have two more years left at Advent until you're off to Kindergarten, and I start to hyperventilate a little.  I am not ready for all this!  Slow down time!
But anyhoo.  I am going to cut all that out right now.  It's time to enjoy the present.  So now, without any more of my sappiness, here's the pictures from your 2013 End Of The Year program and a few from your last week at Advent for this year. 

 Here you come!  Playing Lummi Sticks 
 Playing your Lummi Sticks on stage.  Left to right is Carter, you, Addie and Ben
 Doing a little routine with hoops. Behind you is Bryce Avery
 Doing a great job!
 Here's your whole class.  Your teachers are awesome
 Wearing guitars and getting ready to do the "Body Boogie"
 Boogie-ing with your friends Lauren, Bryce Avery, Carter and Addie
 Ribbon Routine!
 Getting into the ribbon routine.  And thanks so much for being up front so I could get pictures :)
 Here you are with your art display
 Close up of you and your art.  You helped your teachers make the cool shirt you're wearing.
 Your class outside on bike day
 So much fun!
 It's a little bike traffic jam!
There's my boy!
So, two days left...  sigh.  I will do my best to finish up your works of art posts on which I am behind, and I will wrap up this school year.  Begrudgingly, I might add, because it means that you are growing up so quickly.  But we have a blast of a summer coming up, and I am going to have a ton to write about, I am sure.  I cant wait to spend the summer playing with you!
Love always,

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