Sunday, April 21, 2013

Slacker Mom

Dear Ian,

Once upon a time, a VERY long time ago, Mommy wanted to be a writer.  I wanted to write children's books; I loved to read, and therefore, it was my dream to write things that other kids would want to read and from that help encourage others to love reading.  As a teacher, I am still fostering that love of reading, but alas, I am not a writer.  Well, not in the published sense.  I write all the time, but I doubt people would actually pay to see my words in print form.  Your second cousin, Christina Mandelski, is the writer in our family.  Published and everything.  (Check out her book, The Sweetest Thing, here.) 

Through the magic of facebook, I can follow Chrissy and her trials and tribulations with revisions, edits, more revisions and deadlines.  This is the part that would keep me from being a writer.  I don't think I could be able to work with the dealines.  I mean, I only get the chance to write every now and again; time works against me, it seems.  Take your blog, for instance.  Mommy has been pathetic lately when it comes to writing to you.  We have been so busy that time has just gotten away from me; we've really been having a lot of fun.  But the purpose of this blog and all of these letters is to hold on to all the fun we have and create a catalog of memories for you to cherish as you grow up.  And in order to to that, Mommy has to get her act together and write stuff down.  March was a sad, sad little month.  One post.  And we did so much!!  So this letter is going to kick off a blast through the past as we catch up on the back-log of goings on in our lives.

Here's a memory we made back in February, and I cannot believe we didn't get it down on paper.  Or posted on the blog-o-sphere.  Or whatever.  On February 20th, I took you to your very first baseball game.  FSU had a home game, and Mommy was able to procure tickets from her friend, Ms. Corey.  Daddy was at work and unable to go, so we loaded up our baseball gear, a snack, and some warm Seminole garb and headed off to the ball field.  When we got there, you were amazed by the green grass, the player's uniforms and the sno-cone stand.  We stood by the first base line fence taking it all in, and then you were approached by a man in an FSU polo shirt.  He invited you to announce the "Play ball" that started the game!  We got to go up into the press box where they announced your name, handed you the microphone, and you hollered out your two-word moment of fame.  Turns out, you were the youngest person they've ever had to do that!  Apparently the man that approached us thought you were six, which is the age they usually ask kids to be in order to announce.
You in the press box waiting to start the game

After starting the game, you had a blast watching the batters hit, but I think the part that made your day the best was a trip to the concession stand for hot dogs, pop corn and a blue sno-cone.  We had such a good time.  Mommy was so thankful for Ms. Corey for giving us the opportunity to have such a neat experience. 

So there.  I think we've now wrapped up the month of February, and therefore we can move on to March.  I don't know if you looked at the time stamp on this letter, but here we are at April, so I've got a lot of work to do. 

Busy, busy, busy...


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