Sunday, April 21, 2013

Green-ish Thumb

Dear Ian,

It's the time of year for growing things, and as such, we have planted another garden this year.  You and I went to Esposito and chose our victims plants, and then we spent an afternoon hoeing, tilling, planning and planting. 

This year our garden boasts two yellow squash plants, a zucchini plant, silver queen corn, an onion, a green pepper plant saved from last year, two different kinds of tomatoes (cherry and heirloom), strawberries, potatoes, blueberries, carrots, sunflowers, and at your request, a watermelon and pumpkin plant.  You also added a lima bean plant to our little plot of green that you sprouted in a ziploc bag with a damp paper towel in your science class at school. 

We've already had a tough time with critters munching on our plants, but Mommy has invested in a spray called Deer Off that has been successful, so far, in discouraging their buffet.  So far, we have blossoms on both our tomato and zucchini plants, and you are really excited about this development.  Here's hoping we can actually have something come to fruition; it would be so cool to have a meal of our home grown veggies. 

Above is a picture of our little set up.  It's hard to believe we have all of that stuff listed growing in such a small place.  But there it is.  Please excuse our poor scarecrow.  Squirrels ripped his pants off this past fall, and so far we haven't have time to replace or redress him.  But maybe his pants-less state helps scare off the animals?

Love you much,

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