Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sail Away

Dear Ian,

Spring has officially sprung in Tallahassee.  That means two things in our little world.  First, we put our garden in recently, and second:  Spring Break.

Now you and I both love going to school/work, but we both (Daddy too) love to have this little break to spend time playing together with family.  And like last year, this Spring Break, we went on a cruise with Grandma and Grandpa Brooks, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Andrea, Uncle Kurt, Aunt Stacey and Abigail. 

The boat we sailed on was Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, and that mama-jamma was HUGE!  It never ceases to amaze me that those ships actually float.  Something that big should not be able to stay on top of the water.  But believe me, I am sure glad it did.  Before our cruise, a bunch of cruise ships from the Carnival Cruise Line experienced electrical and mechanical failures.  We were a bit on the nervous side, but as it turned out, all was ok. 

Instead of loading this post down with a bunch of writing, I am going to let our pictures do most of the talking.  So without any further ado, I present, your third cruise.  Spring Break 2013.

 As usual, we did a paper chain count down until our trip.  Here we are with four days left to go.  The waiting was killing me.
 First things first.  We had to hit up the water park and pools the very first day we were on the ship.  You loved swimming in the hot tub, or "warm pool," as you called it.
 You in the warm pool.
 And at the splash park.
 Here's a view of Nassau from the 11th deck.  We have been here a couple of times, so we decided to stay on the ship and have the boat (a little more) to ourselves. 
 My two favorite guys.
 Mmmmm.  Ice cream on the ship.
 This was a crazy chair!
 Posing with Alex the Lion, from the movie, Madagascar
 After our first formal night, we came back to our room to discover that it had been infested by bats!
 Making a pinwheel spin in the breeze off our balcony.
 You and Daddy trying to give me a heart attack.  Leaning over our balcony.
How awesome is this!  There was a carousel on our ship!  Of course you rode on it.
 You and Daddy.  Daddy being silly.
 And here is the aforementioned carousel ride.  One of many.
 From deck six, looking up at the back of the ship.  Holy Moly.  They had a zipline that went over this opening.  No, I did not do it.
 You on the carousel again
 Us taking pictures of each other :)  I need to get your photos off your camera.  Cant wait to see what you took
 A Dreamworks character during a parade.  Yes, there were parades on this ship, too.  Lord.
 You and Daddy patiently waiting for the balloon lady to make you a purple penguin. 
 Snacks on the balcony with Cousin Abigail
 One of the neat things you got to do via "Ship School" (this year you were an Aquanaut!) They had power wheel cars on the basket ball court.  You had a total blast!
 Here's a photo you took of me.  Proof I was on this trip, too.
 You eating grapes at dinner, doing a chipmunk impression
 With King Julian from Madagascar
 Here's St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.  We stayed on the ship during this port of call, too.
 And we had the pools pretty much to ourselves.  Daddy took the time to finish the book he started last cruise.
 Pouty face. Not sure why...
 Being sweet and playing at dinner.
 Two cookies for dessert!!
 Awwww.  Cousin love :)
 Playing mini golf on deck 16.  This boat had everything.
 Good form
 My monkey and a towel monkey.
We got off the ship in St. Maarten, and here's a photo of you and Daddy with a small part of the ship.
 We went to a butterfly farm and beach while on St. Maarten.  It was really neat! 
 Look at the size of this moth!!!
 You taking pictures of butterflies.  Again, gotta get your photos off your camera!!
 So pretty.
 One even landed on you!! 
 You and I at the beach after the butterfly farm
 You and Daddy having lunch, beach side
 There you go!
 My beach baby.
 Here we are, back on the ship.  You're having a non-alcoholic strawberry daquari.  I think I got you hooked on them
 Waiting to sail away from St. Maarten.
 More evidence I was on the cruise, too.
 We even got to go to a special character breakfast one morning.  It featured different Dreamworks characters.
 You with Puss In Boots.
 Hahaha!  There was this playspace for kids, and this cut out was there. 
 Sailor Bear and a Sailor Bear.
 You with the Dreamworks penguins.
 With our towel elephant after the other formal dinner.
 You got exposed to jazz on this cruise, too.
 Our waiter Mr. Rolando, dressed you up like the Statue of Liberty!
A shot of another ship back in port in Ft. Lauderdale.  We had such a great time; it was really hard to get off the ship and head back to normal  life. 

Daddy and I sure love sharing trips and memories with you!

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