Monday, April 2, 2012

Works of Art #30

I am a bad Mom-blogger.  But, I am a good mom, because we have been so busy with each other, I have had no time to get to your blog.  But that was more for me than for you or anyone else. 

Anyhoo.  I am wicked behind on posting, and first off, we have about a zillion works of art to view, so here goes:

We'll start with Winter Art.  (I TOLD you we were behind.) 

 These penguins and the snowman are just too cute!  The snowman was made with shaving cream and glue mixed together; they were super cool!  

Next we have Valentine's Day Art:

 Your sweet hand-prints making a heart - awwwwww!
 Stamping hearts with cookie cutters.
 This is actually the front of a valentine card that you made for me and Daddy.
 Here's the inside
 This is really pretty!

A mosaic heart.  Very nice!

Next your class learned about Community Helpers, so you did art that reflected that lesson:
 Here's a firetruck that you put together.  Actually you and I did this at home since you were home sick the day your class did this project.  But we took it in and it hung on your class bulletin board.
 You made this when you discussed bakers!  It's a cupcake, painted brown for icing and topped with actual sprinkles!  I had sprinkles in my bag for a while, but it was worth it.  Cute!!!!
And here's a took that you painted white with a toothbrush for the dentist!  Neat!

Moving right along, after Community Helpers, your class worked on learning colors, so your art reflected that.

 Lots of green here.  On top you made a mosaic of all things green, and the bottom picture, is obviously a green painting.
 A red and green painting.
And a blue painting!  

Whew!  I think that catches us up to this week, and I have those pictures ready and waiting, but now it's time for us to play.  So I will have to get back to that, but I promise to be better about blogging.  We just have too much fun.

Love you bunches,

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