Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hippity Hoppity

Dear Ian,

Happy Easter, Little Buddy!  That's right!  Easter is here (actually as I write this, we are post-Easter, so I am bit behind, but hey.), and it's time to celebrate Spring and Jesus.  And yes, the Easter Bunny. 

Hunting eggs with your class.
To kick of the festivities, you first had a couple of egg hunts and parties at school.  You decorated bags for your eggs in art, and then your class hunted for eggs in the courtyard of the school.  Daddy and I even got to come watch one of your egg hunts.  That was really fun!  Then you had cookies and cupcakes and stuff at a party in your room.  I got to hear all about it in the car on the way home.  Then, Saturday afternoon, you and I colored eggs.  That was a LOT of fun.  Mommy found this nifty trick where you put the eggs in wire whisks and then dunk them, and it really helped you have more control over the whole process.  We practiced naming colors and figuring out what mixing colors would do while we dyed our eggs, and Daddy even got in on the fun!
Coloring Eggs with Daddy.
You and Grandma after Mass
This Easter, we spent the day at Grandma and Papa Davis' house with them, Uncle Gary, Aunt Megan, Payton, Baby Taylor, Aunt Maggie and Great Poppey.  It was a really nice day.  You came downstairs and noticed that the Easter bunny had come and left you a basket full of treats!  You were so excited.  You went through all of your treats, but then it was time to get dressed.  We started the morning off at church, and you did a great job this year, little man.  Last year was fine too, but this time there was less FSU war chant and clapping after hymns than last year.  Mommy came prepared with paper and stickers and crayons, your mini Magna-doodle, and of course a snack for you to eat when everyone else was taking Communion.  Whew.  Dodged a bullet there!  It was just you, me, Daddy and Grandma and Papa at church, and it was a nice service.  We do need to work on whispering with you, but all in all, it was a good experience.

Our little family after church
After church, we went to breakfast at The Egg cafe, and then it was time to go home and get ready to head out to the farm for lunch and egg hunts and stuff.  As usual, we had leg of lamb (Mommy's favorite!) and ham, and with it we had sweet potatoes, corn casserole, regular potatoes and carrots and deviled eggs.  It was a yummy lunch, and it was absolutely beautiful outside, we had our Easter dinner outside at picnic tables.  That was really nice. 

After lunch, Papa took you and Payton (and Baby Taylor!) on a hayride while eggs were hidden for your egg hunt.  Daddy, Uncle Gary and I hid 45 eggs for you and Payton to find, and you did a great job!  And Daddy hid some of them really tough!  The two of you were so cute running around the yard looking for the eggs.  It was great to watch.
Hunting eggs in the yard
Your bucket is getting full!!

You and Payton gathering eggs.

 It was a really nice day.  And lucky you, you get to have another egg hunt with Grandma and Grandpa Brooks the next time you see them!  Here are some other fun pictures from the day...
Helping Grandma decorate the bunny cake for dessert.
Great Poppey admiring your cake decorating work.
My handsome little man all decked out in his Easter Finery.  
The neat bag you made in art for your class egg hunt.
Your Easter basket after the Easter Bunny came!
A close-up of your Easter treats
You, examining your Easter goodies!

Happy Easter Ian!  We love you!
Mommy and Daddy
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