Friday, April 27, 2012

Ummm... What?

Dear Ian,

One of these days, I am going to look back at this and laugh and reminisce about your imagination and creativity.  Right now, however, I am just totally confused about what goes on in your head.

Son, what in the heck is Snail Juice?

Since you will probably have grown up and forgotten by the time you get to read this, let me refresh your memory.  You currently have this thing going on with your imagination:  whenever you are asked what you might like to eat or drink, you promptly reply, "SNAIL JUICE!"  At first, we laughed.  "Ha ha!  How cute and adorable is that!  He's pretending and using his imagination!"  You offered us some of this delicacy of your mind, and of course we had to partake in your fun.  We pretended that it tasted bad, made faces and it just made your day.  You absolutely crack up.  And we have no idea where this came from, so we just sit there and play along wondering what in the world you've been exposed to that would explain this... thing.

Poor little snail.  He has no idea you plan to turn him into juice.
Then there came more to the story.  Daddy, in his infinite wisdom, told you once that we were out of Snail Juice when you asked for some.  This created a huge issue, and in order to bring some sanity back to the afternoon, quickly decided that we could make more.  How do make Snail Juice, do you ask?  By hopping up and down and shrieking, "SNAIL JUICE, SNAIL JUICE, SNAIL JUICE!" over and over and over again.  Oh!  Of course!!  That makes perfect sense, right?

Sigh.  What I had hoped to be a passing thing is now a staple in our house, and it has even spread past that.  We have had to educate grandparents on what Snail Juice is, and now even your poor babysitter, Miss Kallie, has fallen victim to your little game.  Thankfully for you, everyone is willing to play along.  But for me, I'm wondering when and if Snail Juice will ever be a thing of the past.

And honestly, it's getting tough to work around.  We can no longer ask you what you want for breakfast or snack or lunch; you don't offer any suggestions other than this fine, delectable treat you've dreamed up.  And trying to eat dinner with you is a hoot, too. You insist on sprinkling a little on my or Daddy's plate to make it taste bad.

In order to help our morning breakfast routine go a little more smoothly, I have come up with this idea.  You and I, when you get up from nap, are going to jump and hop and holler as much as we can to fill a plastic pitcher of Snail Juice and leave it in the fridge.  That way I can just pour a little on whatever I decide to feed you (no more choosing for now, little dude.  That's a losing battle.) and we can all eat happily, knowing it's been added.

So for now, we continue to smile and nod and accept the silent questions from other people dining in restaurants with us.  We will keep explaining to servers at those same restaurants that you are just an imaginative little toddler, and we will keep enjoying your quirky little games.

Although, I am getting a little tired of eating cheerios topped with Snail Juice.

Love always,

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