Sunday, January 22, 2012


Dear Ian,

There have been some big changes in this house, little man.  Because now, instead of being my baby boy (although you'll always be my baby), you are my big boy, complete with a big boy room and a big boy bed.  That's right!  This past weekend we emptied your baby nursery and moved all of your things and toys upstairs.  And WOW do you have a lot of stuff!  Of course we knew this, but trying to move all of it in one day was a challenge. 

This event wasn't really a one-day thing, either.  A lot of work went into your room.  First there was the organization of all of Daddy's stuff that had accumulated in what would soon be your room.  And if I thought YOU had a lot of stuff, at least now we know where you get it from.  Daddy is a pack-rat.  Anyway.  Once we cleaned out and organized all of that, Mommy got to work taping and painting your new room.  Daddy and I chose a color called "peaceful slumber."  We were hoping the move would go smoothly and you would continue to "peacefully slumber."  I will be honest; with every change or transition we've made with you, I have always had this little sliver of uncertainty.  "Will this go ok?  Will he continue to sleep?  Oh geez, why am I doing this again?"  With everything from pacifier weaning, to stopping the use of swaddles, dream-feeds and morning naps, I got a little anxious about whether it was the right time to make changes in your little world.  But, like with everything in the past, I should have known that you would take this in stride.  But back to the room make-over. 

Your new bedroom used to be Daddy's workout room.  It housed a weight bench and an Eliptical treadmill.  It also was full of computer equipment, D&D supplies and pieces and his paintball and M1 stuff.  Daddy worked hard to get all of his stuff out and organized to make room for yours.  It took the help of Uncle Gary and some Fitness Pro professionals help move the weight bench and Eliptical.  Uncle Gary also helped move all of your new furniture up to your room.  And then we put it all together. 

To decorate your room, we went with a space theme, but in reality, there's not a whole lot of space stuff up there, but just enough to have a theme.  I wanted a room that you could grow up with without me having to change the decor eight times.  The colors are navy, slate blue (almost gray) and red.  And it looks really good.  But telling you about it isn't as good as showing you, so here it is! 
 We started off this whole big-boy-bed-thing with changing your crib over to a toddler bed.  I was so worried about "all that freedom," but I set up a couple of rules for you: 1.  Bed time is a time for sleep, not for play and 2. Wait in your bed for Mommy or Daddy to come get you.  Even though your room is baby proofed and we had a baby gate at the door, I didn't want to develop the habit of you getting up whenever you wanted to play.  Ever the rule follower, you have done exactly what I told you, and you still sleep like a pro.  And you wait in your bed until I come in every morning. 
 The painting process begins...  Because the weight bench and eliptical couldn't be moved until your actual moving day (we kinda had to go 1-2-3, switch) Mommy had to paint around all kinds of obstacles.  It was interesting to say the least.
 Moving day!  Here's your nursery all emptied out, save for a few art projects still hanging from hooks in the ceiling and on the door.  Sniff. 
 But here's your big boy room!  All decorated and finished and ready for you to move in!  The afghan blanket at the foot of the bed is actually Daddy's blanket from when he was little.  It matched perfectly.  The nightstand to the left of your bed was Uncle Brian's and works well in the room, too.
 This picture is taken from the doorway.  Your dresser used to belong to your Great Grandpa Brooks and was the first piece of furniture we acquired for your new room.  The big Budweiser beer bottle in the corner was Daddy's contribution.  He said it would make you one of the "cool kids."  I told him it better not...
 Here's a view from your bed.  Your books are tucked away into a little corner in the room.  The shelves fit perfectly!
 I love the picture I picked up for your room.  It's of our solar system, and Mommy got it for free thanks to a Hobby Lobby gift card.  In fact, most of the new decorations for your room were purchased with gift cards.  That was pretty awesome.  Your space scene bookends are also a favorite.
 From your window, here's your book nook and your closet.  And here's proof that your closet was clean at one point in time. 
Your bed, one of your bulletin boards and your nightstand with lamp.  I LOVE your nightlight.  It was such a frivolous addition, but I couldn't help myself.  I also got little wooden space pieces and added them to your bulletin boards.

You really seem to love your new room, and you're getting really good at getting up and down the stairs.  I have to stop every time I hear you going up or thumping around in your room from hollering "what are you doing up there?" since it wasn't that long ago that you weren't supposed to go up the stairs.  But we're all adjusting.  And I'm getting used to the stares I get from the Eliptical as I pass it to go into the kitchen.  I've even succumbed and used it a time or two since it's moved downstairs...

I love you big boy,

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  1. His room is so adorable, so grown up :) I bet it was so bitter sweet to go from a nursery to a big boy room. I love the color of his walls though!

  2. great idea for a blog. He is going to love reading this someday!