Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Dear Ian,

Well hello there!  Things around here have been really crazy lately, so I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and write.  Your health has been our biggest issue; asthma and your little immune system freaking out have had us back and forth to the doctor and usually relegated to the couch.  And to say that you are a little needy when sick is a fantastic understatement.  But you're our Baby Bear, so of course we just suck up our inconvenience and do our best to make you happy and comfortable in your misery.  Thankfully after a visit to Doctor Malone, the allergist, we're on a regiment that will hopefully help with all of your breathing woes.

I've been wanting to get on and write for a while now, and the biggest topic on my mind has been some of the adorable and funny little things that you say.  You're so verbal, and hearing your views about the world around you has been a constant source of humor for us.  So here, without any further ado, are a few of our favorite Ian-isms.

Said to Mommy on the way to school the other day:
*you let out a HUGE yawn.
"I yawning.  I need another sleeps."

You on which park is the best place to play:
Mommy: "Whatcha wanna do this weekend?"
Ian: "Go to the park.  Lafit (sic) park."
Mommy: "Lafayette Park?"
Ian: "Yes.  Not the flower park (Maclay Gardens).  It not fun."

Here's an actual conversation we had the other day.  Lord help us...
Ian: *Grabs house phone and starts pushing buttons. "I'm calling the man to fix the washing machine
Mommy: "Why, what's wrong with it?"
Ian: "It's not going."
Mommy: "That's because I haven't put anything in it."
Ian: "Well, get to work Mommy."

You're also very aware of the medications you need to take:
Ian: "Is it time for my Pulmicort Mommy?"
Mommy: "No, Bear.  Not yet."
Ian: "What about my zopex (Xopenex)?"

While at a stop light on Thomasville Road, a car pulled up next to us:
Ian: "Oh my gosh!" (This exclamation was really loud after you had been sitting quietly for about 3 minutes.)
Mommy: "What?!"
Ian: "That car almost crash us!"
Mommy: "No sweetie, they are just stopping next to us."
Ian: "Oh, ok.  That would NOT be good."

These little glimpses into the way your brain works amuses the heck out of your Daddy and me.  There isn't a day of the week when you don't make me laugh; your perspective on things give us a new way to look at the world, too.  And it's typically pretty dang funny. 

Thanks for being my little comedian, Buddy. 
Love you bunches!
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