Friday, January 13, 2012

Smarty Pants

Dear Ian,

This past Wednesday was a big day for us in your budding academic career.  It was our very first Parent/Teacher Conference.  (playing some ominous music here would be appropriate.)  On this day, Daddy and I went and met with Miss Laura, and you got your very first report card. 

And you made the honor roll (if there was a such thing in preschool-land).

Miss Laura went over your conference checklist with us, and we were so proud to see that you seem to be thriving and learning.  In fact, you seem to be pretty much rockin' it up, Little Man.  The conference check list (or report card, as I call it) covered your two-year-old developmental milestones as well as social interaction line items and what you know and what you've learned.  And I have to take a second to brag a bit, because while you are "mastering" what's on this check list, you are the YOUNGEST in your class.  We're just busting our buttons over here. 

It was so reassuring to know that things are going so well for you at school.  Remember those first few weeks?  No?  I sure do, son, and thankfully you've passed all that and now you're on your way to becoming an erudite young man.  Yes, I can glean all this from your very first report card.  Stop rolling your eyes; I'm a teacher, and it's a gift I have.  Anyhoo.  Miss Laura put to rest some of my concerns like, "Is he sitting still in Circle Time?" and "Does he play well with the other kids in the class."  And she helped us brainstorm ways to help bridge the gap from school to home.  We're so lucky to have Miss Laura and Miss Jordan and now Miss Jamie as part of our life.

It was a great conference, and not just because your "report card" practically glowed, but because we got to sit with your teacher and get a glimpse into your daily classroom routine.  Even though I work about 75 yards away from your classroom, I don't really get to see what you all are up to in that adorable little room.  This really helped put our minds at ease, knowing that you are learning, growing and loving your class.

And of course I have attached photos of your report card.  I mean, come on: I am your Mommy after all, and I will forever do stuff like this to document your life and embarrass the mess out of you.

Love you so much!
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