Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthday Blast!

Part of your birthday banner.
Dear Ian,

Mommy had too much fun.
Last weekend was your second birthday party, and I think it was a pretty perfect day.  Like last year, you were surrounded by friends and family, and like last year, I was reminded of how loved you are and how lucky we are to have you.

This year's birthday party was Monkey themed.  I have to admit, I had a blast planning this party, and since you still aren't at the age where you have an opinion about what kind of party you want to have, I was excited about this theme.  You're our Little Monkey, of course, so why not have a monkey party?

Super cute cupcakes!

Your birthday party.
We held the party at Lafayette Park, because they have a GREAT playground, and it is probably the least used park in the city.  We go there quite a bit, and there's hardly ever anyone there. 

Mommy really appreciates this as it helps makes your Mommy relax that you wont get beat up by some park bully or run over by a stampeding hoard of other kids.  In attendance were both sets of your Grandparents, Great Poppey, Uncle Brian and Aunt Maggie, Uncle Gary, Aunt Megan and Payton, Issa and her Mommy and Daddy, Chase and Tyler and their Mommy and Daddy, Graham and his Mommy and Daddy and his new baby sister Lydia, and the Kitchen family with Olivia, Leanna and Emily.  We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit and veggies, a fun Chex mix that I called Monkey Crunch (Daddy made fun of me and my corny names for things)  and cupcakes topped with green sprinkles and monkey faces. 

You were able to blow out your own candles this year, and at one point, you were even singing the happy birthday song to yourself.  You really seemed to enjoy your party food, especially the Jungle Juice (lemonade.  and yes, you can make fun of me, too) since you could serve yourself from the little dispenser I have.  You would take a sip, dump it out and then go get more.  You were having a little too much fun playing with that thing.

My big boy on the swings.
I really think you had the best time, though, just playing.  You definitely had the energy for it!  You loved swinging and going down the slide, and running around like crazy was a big hit, too.  It made me happy to see you having such a good time.

Like I said before, it really was a perfect day.  From the weather, to the friends, to the location: we couldn't have asked for anything more.  I wonder if you will remember any of it when you get older, but if not, I'm glad I have this blog post.  I will remember it, for sure! 

Love you bunches, Little Monkey!
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