Tuesday, June 22, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Dear Ian,

Whew. What a busy last few weeks and weekends we have had! We have been all over the place with family and friends, and you have been such a trooper throughout the whole thing. I'm kinda sad to say that you havent' had a weekend at home in 5 weeks, and we still have two more weekend things to go! So far you have flown to New York and back, driven to Orlando and Destin, and in a couple of weeks we will drive to Lake Seminole in Georgia for the 4th of July weekend. In between you have stayed at your Grandma and Grandpa Brooks' while we attended the Lenker wedding in Atlanta, and this weekend you will stay with Grandma and Grandpa Davis when Daddy has all of his friends here for their "Geek Weekend." Like I said before, WHEW! You have been one busy baby, and we are so lucky that you were able to take it all in stride with just a couple of restless nights along the way.
Some highlights from your first summer of travels so far...
During our trip to New York you:
* Flew on your first plane ride! And you slept pretty much through every flight. Thanks for that; it made life much easier.
* You got to meet your Great-Grandpa Davis' best friends from school, the Andolina's. They watched me grow up, and it was so neat to introduce them to you. They are neat people.
* You got to see (although you will not remember it from this trip) the barn that your Great-great-great-great-great Grandfather built with his bare hands.

Here's a photo of us in front of the barn.

While Daddy and I were in Atlanta for the wedding, you learned how to pull up in a crib. That's been an adventure since.
During the our trip with Grandma Davis to Orlando you...

* Got to swim in a big swimming pool for the first time. You LOVED it! And it made you nap like a champ.

* Visited Epcot Center. We saved Disney for when Daddy could go with us, but you did get to meet Mickey. You kissed him right on the nose.

* Got your two upper front teeth one night on this trip. Oy. That was a rough night.

* Got to visit your Uncle Gary, Aunt Megan and Payton on the way back home.

Here's a photo of you, me and Mickey from Epcot.

During our recent trip to Destin you...

* Got to swim with Daddy in a pool. He finally got to see how much you love to swim. I think it will help motivate us to get our pool fixed.

* Got to see your Great-Aunt Martha and your second cousins, Sarah, her husband Tim, Erin and Joseph, and you got to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Brooks.

* Got to go to the Air Force Museum in Eglin. This was kinda cool!

* Got to go to the beach with me and Daddy. You love all forms of water and swimming, and this time you didn't let a wave knock you over or intimidate you. We had to keep you from crawling into the surf!

Here's a photo of daddy keeping you on shore...

Now all we have left is your weekend with your Grandparents Davis and then 4th of July. Whew. Then maybe we will spend the next few weekends flopping around our house in our jammies! Either way, we are so glad to share our days, nights and weekends with you. Family adventures are the best.


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