Monday, May 18, 2015

Grand Finale

Dear Ian,

Your current school, Advent Parish Day School, is full of traditions; it's one of the things I love about it.  There's the Mother's Day Plates, Donuts for Dads, the yearly Silent Auction and - ultimately the topic of this post - the Christmas and End of the Year performances that Ms. Jan coordinates. 

You've been at Advent since you were about 22 months old, and since your first day, there have been many of these events in our lives, but last week we experienced your very last Advent Show.  It was a bittersweet moment; instead of your art posted on the big black backgrounds like the little kids, you had a big-kid poster, something only the graduating and oldest members of the school get to have.  You all walked in like you had done this a time or two before, and your class sang the "Human Rainbow" song that is set aside for only the biggest kids.  And believe it or not, Mommy didn't cry. 

I did take a zillion and a half pictures, though, so I guess I will let those do most of the talking:

 The "big kids" in the school get art posters with samples of art that the teachers collect throughout the year.  The art is on the back, while this is the front:  Ms. Lynn does a unit on self portraits, and then you kiddos paint your own self portraits.  You chose to be a bit obstinate and painted yourself with a frownie.  Sigh. Son...
 Part of your class, onstage, ready to perform!  From left to right:  Mason, Ellasyn, Wyatt, Bryce Avery, Jack, Hailey, You and Ashley.
 You and some of your classmates performing on stage
 Waiting for the next song.  From left to right, Jack, Hailey, you and Ashley. 
 Your class after a great performance!  This was a very social little group of kiddos.  Getting you to all sit still for just this picture was a challenge.  Hats off to your teachers, Ms. Nancy and Ms. Katie for the awesome job they did with you all year. 
 My Bear after the performance!
 Your name card and pinch pot.  This is another special project that only the big kids do. 
After your show, you, Grandma Davis and I all went to lunch at Newks.  It was a yummy way to celebrate!
Me and my little buddy outside Newks.

I know that I probably say this a zillion times in these letters, but I cannot believe how fast the past four years have gone with you at Advent.  It seems like only yesterday that I was watching you on your first few days, crying your eyes out (while I tried not to cry right along with you) as you adjusted to being in school.  And now here you are, ready and raring to go with the next adventure - Kindergarten! 

To show just how much you've changed, I took a picture from your very first Advent Art Show and put it next to this year's picture:

On the left is sweet little you from the 2011-2012 school year, and then there's sweet, BIG you from this year.  It's gone by so quickly!  But it has been so much fun, and I am lucky in the fact that I teach at Advent.  I got to be a part of your daily life here at school, and I got to watch all of the fun (and not so fun) that went on.  This little school has been such a blessing to us, and even next year, it will continue to be a blessing.  I will still teach on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so I can volunteer in your room as you adjust to kindergarten.  I'll be right around the corner if you need me, and best of all, I'll be there to pick you up from school every day.  Pretty soon you wont want me around, but for now, I think this new arrangement is going to work out great!

I am so very proud of you, Little Bear.  You're growing and changing and making me more and more proud every day to be your Mommy.

Love you always,

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