Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And The Award Goes To...

Dear Ian,

I coach award-winning baton twirlers.  My girls currently hold titles in two states, and in one week's time, we will travel to Savannah, Georgia to compete against twirlers from three states for Regional titles.  All these wins come from hard work on their part, long hours on mine, and sacrifice on yours.  It's your sacrifice that is the point of this letter.

This year we have state title winners, over-all Miss Majorette title holders and the number one beginning dance twirl team in the state.  My sweet boy, you deserve credit for every win and every title.  And the sad part is, I don't think your time spent dodging batons and sharing your mommy is even recognized.  Well, that ends now.  My girls are danged lucky and so am I. I think you're their biggest supporter, and you deserve the title of Best Boy! 

You have been so incredibly patient and understanding with all of this craziness, and you've even grown to understand all of it,too.  It's not unusual to have you "judge" their performances and actually have knowledgeable critiques.   You comment on pointed feet and whether or not the twirlers are on the beat.  You, I'm sort of embarrassed to say, can even tell the difference between 20ss rhinestones and 30ss.  You've eaten dinner in the driveway as I taught lesson after lesson, spent hours with grandmas and baby-sitters as I worked away, and had your share of weekends without me as I went to competitions with my students.  And you rarely complain.  The other morning, on the way to school, you even asked me, "How did your lessons go last night, Mommy?"  That simple question, asked in your sweet little voice, touched my heart.  You share me all the time, but you know how much my teaching means to me, and you support me in your own way.

I just hope you know how much I love you and how much I appreciate you putting up with me teaching.  I do it because it IS a job, but I also do it because I love it.  It's a part of me, but I want to make sure that you know that I love YOU more and that you are an even bigger part of me. 

I am such a lucky mommy, and you definitely are the best boy.

Twirling Coach and Mommy.  But first and foremost: Mommy

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