Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015 in Pictures

Dear Ian,

Sweet Bear, holidays tend to get the better of me.  I just have a hard time remembering and writing all of the details of the day, even though I am trying so hard to commit them to memory so that way I can record the memories to leave here for you.  One day, I want these letters to flood you with special moments and cherished glimpses of the time you had with family.  But, like I said, mommy's brain as of late is like a laptop browser with too many tabs open.  Thankfully, I have this magical piece of technology called my smart phone to record pictures.  Yes, I also have a ridiculously expensive DSLR, too, but the camera on my phone is always in my pocket.  I am still cataloging photos from the big camera from TWO years ago.  Lord. 

Anyway...  Here is Easter 2015 in pictures:
 To kick of the weekend of Easter fun, we first had your class egg hunt.  Wyatt from your class, and his mom, hosted the event at their house.  Here's you, Jack and Finn working on a puzzle before the hunt began.
 You and your very best school buddy, Mason, listening "intently" while Ms. Nancy went over the rules.
 Your class:  ready and raring to go.
 I succeeded in getting you to slow down for one picture.
There you go again!
 Then it was time to color eggs at home!  You don't particularly like hard boiled eggs, so Mommy is good to go when it comes to breakfasts or high protein snacks for a good long while...
 You loved making a blue and orange egg just to spite me. Antagonist.  You currently claim to be a gator fan. Sigh
 I dont have to help much anymore...
You had a lot of fun mixing and experimenting with colors.
This was taken at an egg hunt and Easter family shin-dig at Grandma and Grandpa Brooks' house.  
 Finally, it was Easter Sunday morning. After going through your basket, which contained a Mike the Knight DVD, Ninja Turtles cup, an FSU Lego man and some obligatory candy, we dressed all fancy and headed to church with Grandma and Papa.  Sadly, all of FSU decides they are Catholic on Easter and descends on our home church.  Thankfully we got to sit this year...
 Me and my Easter Bear.
 And as per tradition, after church, we MUST have donuts.  Yours was a healthy chocolate sprinkled one...
And finally, we wrapped up the day with Grandma Davis' lamb, an egg hunt, the family tradition of the Easter Bone Hunt for the dogs and the John Deere 40.  Our family is insane...

Happy Easter, Little Buddy!

I love you baskets-full!!


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