Saturday, March 7, 2015

Medieval Times

Dear Ian,

I'm Mike the Knight!
Over the past few years, different things have caught your attention and become the focus of your learning and play.  You love all things tractors and trains, and you learned a ton about them.  I know more tractor models now that you've taught me than I ever knew, even growing up around them, and I have listened to you talk about the difference between steam trains and diesel trains until I thought CSX would give us BOTH a job.  It's neat to watch you latch on to something that interests you; I love to watch your brain work.

As of late, your new interest is knights and castles and such.  I'm not exactly sure where this new topic of discovery originated.  Maybe episodes of Mike the Knight on Nick, Jr?  Not sure.  But either way, you are consumed.  You wanted a knight costume for Halloween, and I made it happen, but then Uncle Ryan trumped me by getting you an awesome set made out of wood and leather.  It's pretty dang awesome, and it's not rare for me to turn around from cooking dinner to find you looking like this:
None shall pass
A quintain.  Thank you, Google images
Thankfully, Mike the Knight is actually a pretty tolerable show, and to be fair, it has increased your vocabulary by some pretty awesome new words.  What other five year old knows what a trebuchet is and how to properly pronounce that?  (Other kids that watch Mike the Knight, I'm sure, but I am still impressed...)  You also had to explain to me what a quintain is.  For the record, it's a snazzy little contraption that helps a knight practice jousting. You have asked for both a trebuchet and a quintain for Christmas, as well as a bow and arrow set, a horse and a book that teaches you how to be a knight.  Apparently Mike the Knight has one called "The Big Book for Knights in Training," and you have to have one.  Good Lord.  Santa has already started researching. 
But anyhoo...

I many not have been able to find a Big Book for Knights in Training, but I did find a book that you think is pretty dang cool.  One of your other favorite things to do is draw.  The house is covered in your drawings.  From pictures of us, to drawings of the cruise ship we're about to go on for Spring Break, to the images of techno music creators Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto (those are hilarious; look for them in the next post), you love to draw and create.  So the other day, when I was at Barnes and Nobles looking for a birthday party gift, I stumbled across this awesomeness:
I think I broke land speed records getting to the cash register.  And when I gave it to you, the look on your face was priceless.  You LOVE this book.  And now you're whipping through white drawing paper and recreating every page.  Here's a small sample:

Pretty sweet, right?!

So, Sir Ian.  This is what has captured your imagination for now.  One of my goals over spring break is to get you to Medieval Times Dinner Theater, where real knights joust and sword fight and you get to eat dinner with your hands in a castle.  I think it would just completely THRILL you!  Uncle Ryan is in on the plan, and hopefully we can make it work.  If not this spring break, then we will get there eventually.  With your current obsession, though, I think now would be better.  Just gotta work out those logistics.

I love you, my little knight in training!

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