Monday, February 16, 2015

Returning to Factory Spec

Dear Ian,

Today was a momentous day.  It was a day four weeks in the making, and it was completely worth celebrating. 

Today we found your left arm! 

More specifically, you had your cast removed today.  And in true Ian form, you made it an
adventure and a learning experience, what with the fifty bazillion questions you asked.  Anything from, "will my arm smell bad?" to "why did the doctor decide to be a bone doctor?" came out of your mouth.  It was non-stop.  In the waiting room, you pontificated on everything!  "That man has a broken leg.  It's so much better to break an arm than a leg.  What if you broke TWO legs?"  "His cast is the same color as mine.  We're twins!"  "Can I go play football today?"  (The answer to that was an emphatic NO, by the way.)  The lady with a little girl getting her left arm put IN a cast that was sitting next to us was cracking up.  I was just trying to keep up.  Whew. 

Anyway.  Mr. Brent, the same guy that put your cast on your arm four weeks ago, also removed it today.  He remembered you and reminded you that you were STILL not a monkey and that monkey bars were only for monkeys.  I silently agreed and then held your hand as he started up the cast saw to take that thing off.  By the way, at this point in the bone-mending process, your cast was completely gnarly and disgusting, and I was practically frothing at the mouth to wash your dang hand, so I was thrilled this was happening today. But back to the story...  You thought the actual sawing of the cast was completely hilarious as the vibrations from the saw tickled, and after a couple of cuts in the cast and cracking it open, you had an arm again. 

After Mr. Brent removed it, we were whisked off to x-rays, and I got to see your new bone growth.  The human body is completely awesome, and it was great to see you all healed and whole.  The doctor still wants you to wear a brace during physical activity for a bit, but all in all, you were back to normal!
 During the removal.
Going... going...

However, after x-rays and meeting with Dr. Stephens, the orthopedist, you freaked out.  I have never seen you act like this EVER.  You turned sheet white and started crying and sort of hyperventilating.  I honestly thought you were going to pass out.  You kept insisting that your stomach hurt and that you needed your cast back because you were afraid you were going to fall.  It took me about five minutes to calm you down, reassure you that you were going to be fine and that I would hold your hand until we got your brace so you wouldn't fall, and then you were as cool as a cucumber again.  It was crazy!  I am guessing it was some sort of shock, but as of now, you're all hunky dory.  
Gone!!  Back to normal!!!
So, it's been a day of celebrating.  We played hooky from school, as your scheduled appointment time would have only had us at school for about 45 minutes anyway, and we spent the morning goofing off.  You wanted to go bowling before your appointment, so we went, and then afterwards, we had a fun lunch together.  Tonight you have requested Barnaby's as your celebratory dinner, and since I'm a fan, that's where we'll go.  I'm making tough sacrifices, I know. 

So, that's the story of your first (and better be the last) broken bone.  You're still favoring it a little, but I think that's just because the habit of lugging it around all immobile and such is going to take a minute to go away.  But you're super excited to have two hands again, and I'm beyond thrilled that the left one is finally washed and clean.

Bug hugs and lots of love,

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