Saturday, January 3, 2015

Works of Art #45 - Holiday 2014 Edition

Dear Ian,

As usual, I'm behind, but here's your artwork from the Holiday 2014 Season.  Ms. Nancy, Ms. Katie and Ms. Lynn have all worked hard to come up with some great art ideas, and here they are!
 My little turkey, dressed up as a turkey for Thanksgiving! 
 I love this funny little owl.  He's a torn paper collage, and every time Ms. Nancy does this project, they all come out a little different.  They have such personality! 
 Here's a totem pole you made during the Native American unit you did.  I have to admit, there was more Thanksgiving art, but I have NO IDEA where it went.  I'm sorry, Bear. 
 Christmas Art!!  Here's a printed fern leaf that you did in Art with Ms. Lynn.  You used rollers to print them on paper and then used Q-tips to add the ornaments.  I think they are so pretty.
 A stocking you made in class.
 Hand-print manger scene.  This is pretty.
 Here's your abstract Nativity you did in class. 
And finally, Renaissance angels you made in Art with Ms. Lynn.  With just a LITTLE bit of glue. 

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